For how much on average can you buy Facebook subscribers.

In the age of development of social networks and their huge role in various spheres of human life, you can increasingly meet with active discussions of users on how to develop your page on one or another site. And Facebook is not an exception in this respect either, since the largest number of so-called business pages are gathered here, which need to be upgraded and popularized. And in this many users help to twist counters account.

We will talk about one of these resources in this article, namely, about subscribers in Facebook. And one of the most popular issues related to this topic concerns the financial part of the cheating, because most users prefer to use it on commercial sites and services. Because of this, let's find out at what price you can buy subscribers on Facebook, and how profitable is such an acquisition. Currently, the prices for this service vary from seller to vendor. However, after the monitoring, we managed to find out the basic limits of the cost of cheating subscribers, and they range from 15 to 60 dollars per thousand accounts.

What is the reason for this difference in the amounts and why do you sometimes have to overpay for the same service?

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