Why my followers unfollow in 2019-2020?

In 2019, Instagram launched a new algorithm that easily identifies followers created in an automated way (bots, server followers). Thus, 99% of all services offered in the market have become extremely inefficient and even not safe.
This algorithm determines and removes both new subscribers received and those that you received earlier and unsubscribes them with a frequency of 2-10 days.

What is different in your service from other sites?

First of all, we give a lifetime guarantee on all the services provided (including the Instagram followers). This is direct proove that we are confident in what we do! The whole process of creating followers and subscribing to your account is completely manual, which guarantees the security of execution.

What are your guarantees?

Unlimited guarantee for replenishment of unsubscribed followers. When you purchase followers from us, then if they once unfollow from you (even after a years) we guarantee refill of your account with the same number of followers that have unsubscribed.
IMPORTANT! We do not replenish deducted followers that you purchased on other sites. If after using our service you get followers from another site, then you lose the our replenishment guarantee

What if you can't refill lost followers?

Our company has been operating in the SMM market for more than 6 years, and during this time we have received many regular customers, among which are large companies and we value our reputation very much. According to our policy, in case of insoluble situations, we will refund full or partial payment, depending on the details of the case.

Can my account get banned/suspended?

We are absolutely safe! All users are registered naturally and subscribe to your account manually. We do not violate the Instagram policy and over the entire 5 years of experience, not a single account has been deleted or blocked.

Will that followers engage with my content?

No, they are WILL NOT "like" or "comment" your future posts! This is only accounts that increase your Instagram profile followers count that makes it look more popular and interesting for others.

How many followers maximum can i get? How fast?

On this moment we can provide up to 1 milliion followers on one account. Execution speed can be configured in the range from 100 to 3000 subscriptions per day! In order to set the desired execution speed, consult a consultant or write to our email company@fbskip.com immediately after placing an order.

Do i have to keep my account public during getting followers?

Yes, your account must be public throughout the execution of the order. Once the order is completed, you can change the privacy settings.

Do you request password or anything else to get access to my account?

No. To complete the order, we only need a link to your profile on Instagram and successful payment using Paypal or Bitcoin. As soon as we receive confirmation of payment, your order will go into processing and will be placed for execution. The average time to start receiving followers from 5 minutes to a couple of hours (depending on workload)

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