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How is add much more Facebook page likes on my account safty?

The most common way how to obtaining illegal Facebook user data in social networks is the use of social engineering likes methods, ie criminal scouting data. It is reported by the Department of Postal and Telecommunications of the National Police of USA on your page to Facebook. The purpose of social engineering is to encourage people to do certain actions that under normal safety accounts conditions they would never have committed, for example, to disclose personal data to pass on unknown sites, - Report in the Postal and Telecommunications.

Recently, scammers have started to distribute electronic messages on behalf of Facebook administration demanding the passage of additional checks to verify that you own the account and likes. To do this in a form that send the scammers, users need to provide the following information: mailbox, that the present account, passwords, account access and the date and year of birth of the user. In the future, access to Facebook account, the attackers thus get access to the user's contacts, which gives them the opportunity to implement all sorts of scams.

Tips how to not get caught on the hooks of scams with likes on FB:

    1. Pay attention to the spelling of the site address. 2. If you are offered to view the Facebook website likes / photo / video, calling emotional appeals - it is perhaps an example of social engineering. Therefore, if a sender you do not know - do not go here. 3. By entering login / password on websites, how to pay attention to unusual changes in the appearance of the pages. If something suspicious - it is better to check the originality of the resource again. 4. critical of the e-mails, and in particular to the links, which offer go unfamiliar senders of messages. 5. Make up an original and complex password for the mailbox to which you will register a page likes on the social network. Be sure to use additional security criteria as attach a phone number to your account. 6. Communicating in social networks, we should not blindly trust anyone who wants to contact you on Facebook. Especially if there are requests in the conversation associated with sending SMS to any number or send codes, suddenly came to the phone. 7. Also, be sure to "refresh" secret questions for password recovery on important resources for you. 8. Do not tie to a page in the social network a real credit card or online wallet, if they are large sums of money.

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