USA, CA, AUS, EU targeted Facebook followers or friend requests

Buy friends vs. followers on Facebook

Facebook is the best place to sell your services to a large and affluent audience. There’s only one problem: it is only possible to effectively promote your products and services on Facebook if you have real subscribers in your profile. Facebook beginners often confuse Facebook friends and followers.

What is the difference?
"Friends" - Facebook friends are people that you know offline. You can tag them in photos and posts, see their location, comment on their posts, etc. There’s a quantity limit on Facebook friends >5000 per profile. By default, all friends are also followers, but you can unsubscribe from page news without losing your “friend” status.
"Followers" - “Followers” are people who follow posts on your page. They can’t see your personal information and can only comment on your posts if your profile’s privacy settings allow it. The number of followers can grow indefinitel. You can become a follower with one click, a friend - only after the request is approved.

Should I only buy followers or friend requests too?
You can not focus on one thing. Yes, buying followers is much more convenient since no manual actions are required from you, but a new profile with 0 friends and a couple of thousand followers will cause suspicion and your account may be restricted. At FBskip, you can both buy real followers for your profile and get many friend requests from “clean” accounts. Our algorithms are set to add followers to your profile gradually. Facebook does not consider this a cheat.

How to buy followers and friends?
- Scroll web page till "buy buttons"
- Choose “Friend requests” or “Followers” plan and target location of Facebook users
- Make sure that "follow" or "add friend" button on profile are active
- Choose the number of friend requests / followers you’d like to purchase
- Type in your contact e-mail to get notifications about the progress of your order
- Click the “BUY NOW” button. After clicking the “buy now” button, you will be redirected to PayPal** for payment processing.
- Order will be processed in few minutes after payment and than you will get confirmation with the estimated initialization time and progress speed.
- Once payment is complete, we will begin to process your order and you will see new friend requests shortly.

How does FBskip deliver real Facebook friends and followers?

Our process is very simple - we use real American and worldwide accounts to manually follow your business or personal profile on Facebook. Unlike other companies that sell paid Facebook followers, we don’t use bots or software to give you fake followers and friends - all of our users are 100% real and delivered manually.

Will other people be able to tell that I’ve bought fake Facebook profile followers?

No, since all our accounts are completely authentic, nobody, not even Facebook itself, will be able to tell that you’ve paid for your followers.

Do you sell real or fake Facebook followers?

Each follower you buy from FBskip is completely real. Our American and worldwide followers’ personal profiles have bios, profile pictures, friends and timeline updates just like all the other users. At the same time, when you buy Facebook friends/followers, you only pay for new followers, so you shouldn’t expect them to comment or like your posts or otherwise be active on your profile.

Will paid followers and friends help me become popular on Facebook in 2020?

Absolutely, when you buy Facebook profile follower/friend, it helps you become more popular and visible on FB network fast. For instance, your profile will appear higher in Facebook search results, your posts will be suggested to other users who don’t follow you yet more often, etc. All of this can help you expand your reach on Facebook and get more organic friends and clients.

Will my paid Facebook USA followers unfollow me?

No, you get to keep your paid Facebook followers forever but if some accounts eventually unfollow your page, we will replace them for free with new accounts.

Is buying Facebook friends effective in 2020?

Absolutely, thousands of our clients have already seen how effective paid friends & followers can be for promoting a business or personal profile on Facebook. With paid followers, your profile will immediately appear more credible and trustworthy to potential clients and at the same time, Facebook’s internal algorithms will help it become more visible to other users.

When will I get my real Facebook followers that I buy from FBskip?

We work hard to deliver your followers as fast as possible. In most cases, you can expect delivery to begin 2-6 hours after placing your order. From there, we will deliver 350-500 worldwide friends per day or 100-150 followers per day if you bought a USA or VIP follower package.

How can I get my Facebook URL?

To get a link to your personal profile on Facebook, simply open the Facebook website, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. To get the URL of your business page, log into your Facebook account and click Pages in the menu on the left. Choose the "business page" in question from the "pages" on the list and copy the URL from the browser address bar. Click to buy Facebook business page likes.

Can my Facebook account stay private if I buy American or worldwide followers?

No, unfortunately, you need to make your Facebook profile public in order for us to be able to deliver followers or friend requests to you. This means that if you’re buying Facebook friends from FBskip, both the “Follow” and the “Add Friend” buttons should be active. At the same time, other people should also be able to view the number of your friends and followers - this is needed to help us avoid any mistakes when completing your order. Once all the followers/friends have been delivered, you can make your profile private again.

Can Facebook suspend my account for buying paid followers or friend requests?

No, there’s no chance that your Facebook profile will be suspended or closed for buying them from us because there’s no way Facebook can find out that you bought followers. Each of our real profiles will follow you manually, as dictated by Facebook rules.

Can I buy more than one follower package?

Of course, you can buy as many packages of followers, likes or comments from FBskip as you need in 2020 or at any time in the future.

Is buying Facebook friend requests illegal?

No, you’re not doing anything illegal or breaking any rules by buying friends from FBskip. All of your new followers will be real, not fake, which is why it is absolutely safe and legal to buy them from FBskip.

How long will these paid followers remain in my account?

Once you buy Facebook profile followers from FBskip, they are yours to keep forever. Occasionally, a small number of profiles might unfollow you, in which case we will replace these followers fast and for free - we offer a lifetime refill guarantee.


When paying by card, the amount will be converted into Russian rubles at the rate of the issuing bank at the time of purchase