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FBskip - best site to buy Facebook likes on photos

FBskip - the best site to get 100% manual Facebook likes on photos. Each like is left by a real user who registered an account on Facebook, filled out the profile, added friends and followers and, most importantly, clicked the “like” button. If you have purchased USA likes on Facebook posts or photos on any other sites, you probably noticed the following:

What services can I get from FBskip?

On this page, you can buy real paid likes for any Facebook post, including profile pictures, cover photos, video, text and any other post on your page.

Where can I find my Facebook post link to buy Facebook photo likes?

If you’re browsing Facebook using a computer, simply right click on the timestamp of the post of your choosing and select “Copy Link Address”. If you’re using the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, tap the “Share” button underneath the post and then tap “Copy Link” in the window that pops up.

Can my paid post likes be spread between different posts?

Absolutely! If you want to spread likes between several posts, all you need to do is message our online assistant on the website or email us at . Alternatively, you can buy several USA like packages, one for each post.

Can I buy real Facebook likes for any post?

Yes, we can deliver your US post likes to any post, photo or video on Facebook, including your profile picture and cover photo. Just make sure that the post is open for everyone to see and that it doesn’t have any age or location restrictions and you can expect almost instant delivery of your likes.

Are there any risks that come from buying Facebook photo likes?

No, there are absolutely no risks that come with purchasing Facebook post likes from FBskip - it is 100% safe. We use only proven marketing strategies to deliver your likes on videos, photos and posts, maximizing the result you get for your money. At the same time, we process all orders and deliver each like manually, which means that there is absolutely no way Facebook can ever know you paid for those likes. This is why buying post likes from USA and worldwide users from FBskip is completely safe.

How long will it take for my post likes to be delivered?

We do our best to provide fast, almost instant delivery and in most cases, we will begin delivering your likes within two hours of when you place your order. However, in very rare cases if we are experiencing a high volume of orders, the delivery may not begin for up to 8 hours after your order is placed.

What information do you need from me?

The only thing we need to deliver your real likes on videos or photos is a link to the post in question. If you need help locating the link, please message our online consultant at any time.

Can anyone find out that I bought Facebook post likes?

We take your privacy very seriously - this is why you can be certain that nobody will ever find out that you got paid likes for your Facebook posts, profile picture, cover photo, videos, etc. The profiles we use to leave likes look 100% real even to professionals.

Will I get Facebook comments if I buy paid US likes?

No, unfortunately, when you buy real Facebook likes from US, VIP or worldwide users, you only get the likes that you’ve paid for. If you also want to buy comments on your Facebook posts, you can purchase a separate package from FBskip. In fact, purchasing several packages and combining paid Facebook likes, comments and even views can give a much better result for your marketing campaign, which is why we highly recommend doing it if you are serious about getting the best possible results on your Facebook page.

Can Facebook ban my account for buying Facebook post likes?

No, there’s absolutely no chance your Facebook page will get banned because you bought post likes from FBskip. How can we be so sure about it? Because every single like you buy from us is real and is left manually by a real user. When you buy Facebook photo likes, likes on videos, etc. from us, you are not breaking a single Facebook user rule or policy. Nobody will ever know that you bought likes for your Facebook posts - all Facebook and other users will ever see is the result of a very successful marketing campaign.
When it comes to client safety, our track record is beyond flawless - in all of our years of operation, not a single one of our clients got banned or somehow punished for buying likes and other social signals from FBskip.

Do I need to provide my Facebook password and login to buy likes on Facebook?

No, we care about your privacy and security, which is why we never ask for your login information when you buy Facebook likes from us. The only thing we need to begin delivering real likes fast is a link to the Facebook post of your choosing.

Why should I buy paid Facebook likes from FBskip if I can just use Facebook ads to get more likes?

You can easily run Facebook ads to get more likes on your posts but it is a lot more expensive than buying post likes from FBskip. In fact, the average cost per click of Facebook ads is 0.27 cents and only a fraction of people who click on the ad will leave a like. Buying likes from FBskip, on the other hand, can be tens, hundreds and even thousands of times cheaper depending on the package you choose.

Can I buy several Facebook like packages for the same post or photo?

Absolutely, there’s no limit on the number of orders you can place for the same Facebook post. You can even place dozens of orders on the same post and be sure that each order will be fulfilled with no mistakes.


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