Buy video views on Facebook

Why should I get paid Facebook views for my video?
When people talk about ad formats, one ad type comes up more than the rest - videos. While you can produce ads in text and even image formats, video ads have been proven to convey your message better and get more engagement from the people who see them. Facebook is one of the best platforms for video ad promotion but no matter how good your product is, it won’t be very effective if it doesn’t have a lot of views. And getting organic video views on Facebook is getting more difficult every day since competition is fierce and the market is saturated.
This is where FBskip comes in - with us, you can buy Facebook views from real accounts with almost instant delivery. Once your video has more Facebook views, it will have a much better chance of showing up in the featured videos section for people who are not yet following this account. This means that buying paid video views from FBskip can help your account get new organic followers, likes and comments, more engagement on your video ad and even help your video go truly viral on Facebook.

What can I use this service for?

You can use our service to buy paid Facebook views for videos with cheap price and organic.

How to get the link to my Facebook video?

If you’re using a browser to access Facebook, simply open the video of your choice, right-click on the video, select ‘Show video URL’ from the menu and copy it. Alternatively, open the Facebook app on your phone, find the video and tap ‘Share’ underneath the video. Finally, tap ‘Copy link’.

Can you spread paid views between multiple Facebook videos?

No, unfortunately, we can’t spread Facebook views between several videos - you need to place a separate order for each video.

Can I buy Facebook views for any video?

Absolutely! We can add views to any Facebook video as long as it’s publicly available to everyone with no geographic or age restrictions. Keep in mind that we can only add views to Facebook and not videos from other platforms, such as YouTube, that are shared on Facebook.

Is it dangerous to buy Facebook views and likes from FBskip?

No, there are absolutely no dangers associated with buying instant Facebook video views from FBskip. We process and deliver each order manually from start to finish, which means that every one of our paid views and likes is left by a real person, just like unpaid Facebook views from your followers.

When will I start seeing video views on my Facebook video?

Our delivery process is very fast and efficient, so you should start seeing paid Facebook views appear on your video 2-6 hours after placing the order.

What information do you need from me to complete the order?

The only thing we need from you to deliver your cheap views fast is a link to the Facebook video of your choice. Plus, you need to complete the payment process through PayPal.

Will anyone find out I have bought Facebook views?

We know how important your privacy and reputation are, which is why there’s absolutely no chance anyone will ever find out that you paid for views for your Facebook page. Each account we use to leave video views looks 100% real even upon close examination.

Will I get likes and comments if I only buy Facebook views?

No, unfortunately, if you only pay for Facebook views, you won’t get likes and comments from users who view videos. If you also want to get likes on your videos with almost instant delivery, we suggest buying separate packages of comments, views and page likes from FBskip. At the same time, buying views from us can help your Facebook account become more popular, which can lead to a significant increase in organic growth, resulting in more comments, views and likes from real, unpaid users.

Can I get banned by Facebook for buying paid video views?

No, the beauty of our service is that there’s not a single chance that your profile or business page will get banned by Facebook for buying views from FBskip. Since every one of the views you purchase is left by a real person with a real account, you’re not violating any Facebook rules by working with us. Our system is so reliable that even in the age or neural networks and artificial intelligence, Facebook algorithms still have no way to identify paid views left by our real accounts. To further protect your privacy, we store all of our information on servers with state-of-the-art security to ensure that nobody ever finds out that you paid for views.

How can I find out who saw my Facebook video?

Facebook makes it very simple for you to see a list of people who viewed your video post. All you need to do is launch the Facebook app on your smartphone and open the privacy shortcuts. Then, tap “Who viewed my profile?”, open the “New posts” tab and browse the list of people who viewed your latest Facebook videos.
Alternatively, you can use Facebook video metrics to get a more complete understanding about your viewers’ gender, location, age, watch time, etc.


When paying by card, the amount will be converted into Russian rubles at the rate of the issuing bank at the time of purchase