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Is buying active Instagram followers risky? Will my account be banned for it?

No, there is absolutely no risk associated with buying active Instagram followers from FBskip and there's no possibility that your account will get banned or penalized for this. It all comes down to our method - all the paid followers are added manually, which means we're not breaking any rules. When you buy Instagram followers from FBskip, you get the privilege of feeling 100% safe about the way your Instagram page is promoted.

Do you need my Instagram password to supply real followers?

No, you don't need to give us your Instagram password or any other personal information - a link to your account is all we need to deposit your paid followers since each of our accounts will manually go and follow your profile, just like all the other Instagram users.

How long will I get to keep my paid Instagram followers?

We sell only high-quality Instagram followers that stay forever, which means that you get to keep your paid followers as long as your Instagram account is active. We also have a no drop guarantee, which means that if some of our paid accounts unfollow you, we will give you new followers to replace them for free.

What are high-quality Instagram followers?

The quality of our followers and delivery method is what makes FBskip stand out from the competition. When you buy high-quality followers from us, you get 100% real accounts as your new followers. All of these accounts have real-looking names and Instagram handles, complete bios, profile pictures, followers of their own and even profile posts. By the way, you can also buy followers on Facebook page from same real profiles and with lifetime guarantee on FBskip. Essentially, a paid high-quality follower is one that can't be distinguished from an unpaid follower.

Is it legal to real buy Instagram followers from FBskip?

No, buying active Instagram followers from FBskip is 100% legal; therefore, you don't need to worry about your account getting banned for it. Each of your new paid followers will manually visit your profile and press the Follow button, making it impossible for Instagram to distinguish paid followers from organic ones. We don't use bots, hacker software or other prohibited methods to give you new subscribers, making our entire no drop Instagram promotion method completely legit.

Buy Instagram followers that stay forever - FBskip guaranteed!

Why should I get paid Instagram followers?

The answer to this question is very simple - buying even a relatively small number of Instagram followers from FBskip gives you an opportunity to jump-start your Instagram growth without spending many months slowly building up an initial audience that will help your account to start growing faster. Instead of starting out with zero Instagram followers and slowly growing from there, you can buy hundreds or even thousands of cheap, real followers from FBskip. This will widen your brand is reach on Instagram, speed up your organic growth and help your posts get on the Explore page, which will bring lots of new followers and customers to your page for free.

Why should I buy Instagram followers that stay from FBskip?

There is one main reason why you should buy Instagram followers from FBskip and not other companies - we are simply better than everyone else. First of all, we're virtually the only company on the Instagram promotion market that delivers its followers manually. This means that we don't use bots or malicious software to give you fake followers - each and every one of our followers is real and indistinguishable from the followers you"ve gained organically. This makes our method incredibly safe. While Instagram can ban you for getting followers through bots or software, which are methods that other companies use, our manual method is 100% legal, so your account won't get penalized.
We also offer very fast delivery - once you pay for your order, you will see first followers show up in your account almost instantly. Additionally, we have a no drop guarantee, which means that you get to keep your paid followers forever and if some of them unsubscribe eventually, we will replace them free of charge. This is another thing that sets us apart from the competition. Finally, we have a huge amount of experience in the area of Instagram promotion and thousands of satisfied customers that keep coming back to us year after year. So place your order today and let us show you why we're the best in the biz!

How long will it take to get my paid followers on Instagram?

We know how valuable your time is, which is why it takes us mere minutes to process your order. You can see paid followers start appearing in your profile just 5-15 minutes after you pay for them. From there, 500 to 1500 followers will be deposited to your account every day until the order is fulfilled.

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2 type of followers to choose

On your decision you can choose to buy Real active followers or get Instagram followers that looks likes real(bots) (with 5-10 photos, name and self-info, same, as all other websites provide and telling you that's "real") Real followers are regular worldwide people that follow you by normal way. Bots Instagram followers are coming on your profile fast and following via special system

Individual approach

- Company FbSkip tries to choose an individual approach to each client, and tries to provide maximum results with minimum cost to the client.
  • - Getting review the request takes an hour and begins execution!
  • - Only positive reviews on the Internet, and satisfied customers.
  • - 70% of clients continue to use the services of the first order.
  • - Database, where only quality Instagram followers which will make likes and comments on posts.
  • Celebrities and politicians choose us!

    Our clients include many well-known for all over the world people: Musicians, Athletes, Leading TV and radio, Journalists, Producer, Singers, Top models and even Politicians. We are proud and appreciate the fact that they have chosen us, and we want to say to all of them, then we will continue to strive to make our service even better that you stay with us. (for reasons of confidentiality, we can not write the names of our clients)

    The latest in modern technology

    FbSkip company uses the latest systems and methods for promoting and advertising that bring income to many of our clients. In addition, we do not stand still and spend most of our resources for service development and new inventions.

    How to place an order for IG followers

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    Choose amount that suites you and your buget.

    Order Details

    Write in special window "Instagram profile name" Username of your profile. For picture likes or comments paste "URL of Instagram photo"
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    Get result

    Within an hour we will examine your profile and choose the most optimal and safe way of promoting. If you need to get Instagram followers / likes immediately contact to our online consultant or by email

    When paying by card, the amount will be converted into Russian rubles at the rate of the issuing bank at the time of purchase