FBskip refund and privacy policy

Terms of Service

Last Updated : July 12, 2022

By signing up and gaining access to our services, you agree with the Terms and Conditions listed below.

Our company is located at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Vesivärava tn 50-201, 10152. By signing up to our website, you agree to comply with our Terms and Conditions and that you will be responsible for the compliance with any local laws that are in effect in your region. You cannot continue accessing and using this website if you fail to agree to any of the terms and conditions listed below. Every asset on the website is protected by copyright and trademark law.

Third-party Affiliation

  • FBskip does not have any professional connection, through sponsorship or affiliation, to Instagram, Facebook, Meta and any other Facebook third-party partners.
  • The services of FBskip do not aim to harm the Facebook, Instagram or YouTube brands in any way.
  • The FBskip operation is independent and separate from Facebook, Meta.
  • There is no similarity between FBskip and Facebook, FB or Meta trademarks. Both of the domain names, logos, and brands have different ownerships.
  • To enjoy our services, you will need to provide your Facebook URL ( link) . Your order infommation are not traded, used in a bad faith, or shared with third-party companies.

Sign Up Conditions

  • FBskip is intended for users that are 13 years old or older.
  • By signing up, you vouch that you are human. Accounts created by bots and other automated systems will be suspended.
  • The signing up process is confirmed when you provide a valid email address and submit all the information requested at the signup form.
  • The content posted and the rest of the activity of your Facebook account is your responsibility and should comply with Facebook Terms and Conditions.
  • By using our services, you agree to not use it for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. Under no condition, you will use our services to violate the laws and regulations of your country, including copyright or trademark laws.

General Terms

  • You use our products and services at your own risk. You purchase the services “as is” and “as available”, with everything that these terms include.
  • The actual number of followers, likes, and comments might differ from the expected number. The effectiveness of our services is affected by the quality and of the uploaded content.
  • FBskip cannot ensure that the services will run continuously, uninterrupted, and error-free. • The FBskip customer supper services are available to every user in English via email company@fbskip.com
  • By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, we assume that you are fully aware that FBskip uses the services of third-party hosting partners to provide you with the necessary assets you need to enjoy our services.
  • By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you state that you are fully aware and agree that FBskip will not be accountable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages to your data, account, and the rest of your intangible assets.
  • Should you have any questions that concern the Terms and Conditions of FBskip, contact the support via email at the address company@fbskip.com
  • You should occasionally check the Terms and Conditions as they may be altered without prior notice.

Service delivery policy.

Your order goes to execution immediately after payment. The start time of the execution of the order depends on the selected service, time of day and the number of orders in the queue in front of yours. The approximate start time and speed of execution is indicated in the description for each service. If your order has not started execution within the time specified in the description, then you can contact us by mail company@fbskip.com or through an online consultant on the fbskip.com website to check the status of the order. Also, if there was a delay in the start of execution for any of the reasons and you are not ready to wait, you can request a cancellation and a full refund by mail company@fbskip.com or through an online consultant on the website fbskip.com

Governing Law

Any claim relating to Fbskip's website shall be governed by the laws of the Estonia without regard to its conflict of law provisions. General Terms and Conditions are applicable to Use of a Website.

Refund Policy

Since we are absolutely sure in the quality of the services provided, we provide our clients with a very flexible refund policy. If the order has not started execution within 24 hours after placement, we will refund you 100% payment plus we will provide a free service of your choice. We would like to clarify that in 99% of cases, the delay in order fulfillment is the private publicity settings of the profile or photo. If promoted profile or post will need to make any changes to the privacy we will immediately contact you by the contact email that you specified when ordering and send detailed instructions on the necessary actions.

In case you got neither service or refund please contact our online consultant or by email company@fbskip.com and your case will be fixed immediately.


You can request a full refund if the order has not started execution or if after the start of the order execution you were unhappy with the quality of the service. In the second case, you think that the service does not correspond to the description, please try to inform us about it as soon as possible in order to avoid additional costs on our part (since we perform all services in manual mode, which means additional expenses for executors)

Privacy policy

The main things you should know:

Our site uses a secure encryption protocol https: // which guarantees the safety of your data when paying for services. More details about the protocol follow the link here https://www.ssl.com/faqs/what-is-https/ We never ask for a username / password from your accounts. We do not store, personal use, sell, or post information about promoted profiles, pages, posts or photos. We do not use any hacker-equipment, software or other prohibited methods to complete an order. Attracting new followers and likes is done manually by our fan base.

When paying by card, the amount will be converted into Russian rubles at the rate of the issuing bank at the time of purchase