Get real comments, shares and positive reviews on Facebook

How many comments should I buy for a Facebook post to make it look natural?

Are positive recommendations for the company really necessary and effective? Actually, we get asked this question quite often and it is impossible to give a simple answer to it. Many things and circumstances affect the number of comments you should buy.

How popular is your Facebook page or profile and how wide is the audience?
If you have a post with 1000+ likes, 50-150 reposts and only 2 comments, one of them being from your mother and the other being your reply to it, then it will look very suspicious. And vice versa, if your post has 50 likes, it will look strange with 20-30 comments on it.

Does your post have a question or a call to action?
According to analytics, posts that don’t contain hype content and don’t touch on exciting topics are discussed a lot less and therefore, have fewer comments.

Do you conduct a dialogue with your followers?
There’s a very big difference here. Even if you buy 10 comments, they can be arranged in a way that you can answer each of them, bringing the total number of comments under the FB post to 20.

Is buying Facebook business page reviews worth it in 2020?

Are positive recommendations for a company really necessary and effective?

Reviews have the most influence on a user’s choice
Customers choose the best quality product at an affordable price based on recommendations. Therefore, it is very important to increase not only the number of likes and comments, but also the number of positive reviews.

Rapid dissemination of valuable and important information to a large audience
Statistics show that because of recommendations, many once unknown goods and places became popular now. This is why buying positive reviews on Facebook should be one of the first steps when developing a business page.

Grow real interest and dramatically increase user engagement
Perform in-depth analysis of your potential audience. Select the main interests of people by age, demographic and gender. When ordering reviews, you can specify the desired parameter from the above.


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