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Is it worth buying reviews on Facebook business page in 2020?

Are positive recommendations for the company really necessary and effective? The answer to this question is very obvious. The fact is that now the world and society are changing, on the Internet there is a huge number of different kinds of services. The buyer is faced with the task of choosing the most useful product at a reasonable price, and most importantly, to be not deceived. Almost every seller shouts on his website or Facebook page that his goods is the best, cheapest and will last you 100 years, therefore reviews become one of the most important components in the choice. We explore reviews and ratings about everything: on films, books, food, hotels, air carriers, animals, places of rest, etc.

Some categories of people will never make a purchase or a deal with a company that has absolutely no recommendations, even under extremely favorable conditions. That is why the purchase of positive feedback on Facebook should be one of the first steps in developing a business page. To place an order choose desired number of reviews, insert link to the page on Facebook and make a payment. After that, write same amount of reviews and send them by e-mail to COMPANY@FBSKIP.COM or directly to online to a consultant Jessica. Estimated lead time is 6-24 hours. Performers are US users only. You can also choose a gender of accounts that will post reviews. We DO NOT accept orders to negative recommendations to your competitor pages.

Why buy shares on Facebook post?

Imagine that you have become the owner of very valuable and important information and you need to quickly distribute it to a large audience. Then ordering Facebook shares will be objectively the best way to achieve the task and that's why. By increasing up likes and comments you will only create the appearance that the post is interesting to others and boost involvement in viewing the created content. Yes certainly it gives a positive result, but we are interested in a more useful option.

The share process looks completely different, because at the same time your post is placed on the wall of personal profile of other users that reposted. With this action, your content will be shown in timeline of all Facebook friends whose people have reposted, that is, the coverage of views will grow in geometric progression. Statistics show that because of shares, many once unknown people became popular in the present.
To purchase Facebook shares copy and paste the link to the post need to be shared and make a payment. Estimated time to start execution of reposts services is 1-4 hours, daily execution speed is up to 500. Performers are from all over the world and it cannot be adjusted differently.

How many comments should i get under Facebook post to make it look natural?

Actually this question is asked to us quite often and it is impossible to answer it in monosyllables. Many things and circumstances affect the number of comments, let's take a look.
1. How popular is your Facebook page or profile and how audience is wide. If under the post 1000+ likes, 50-150 reposts and only 2 comments, with one from your mother, and the second answer to it, then this is suspicious. And vice versa, with 50 likes it will be very strange to have 20-30 comments.
2. Does the publication have a question or a call to action? According to analytics, it’s just that photos that do not contain hype content and excited surrounding topics are discussed much less and accordingly have fewer comments.
3. Do you conduct a dialogue with subscribers? This is a very useful and productive difference. Even with the purchase of 10 comments, they can be arranged in such a way that you can answer each of them and then their sum under the FB post will be 20.

To order: email, link to the post, click "buy now", a pop-up window "write comments you want to receive, separated by commas ..." will appear. If the comments are not too long, you can write them here and send them with the order, in otherwise, just write any letter or word in that window and complete the payment. After send the list of necessary comments to the mail or online consultant.

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