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Followers and friends on Facebook - what is the difference and whom to buy?

Facebook is the best place to sell your services with a huge and rich audience. But there is a problem: it is only possible to effectively promote services with real subscribers on the profile. Beginners also get confused between the status of friends and folllowers.

What is the difference?
"Friends" are approved followers. Facebook friends are supposed to be people you know offline. They can be marked on photos in posts, see location, comment on each other's posts, etc. In addition, they have a quantity limit of not more than 5000 per profile. By default, all friends are also followers, but you can unsubscribe from page news without losing your “friend” status.
"Followers" are people who follow posts on your page, but don’t see personal information and can only comment on them (if allowed on your profile). The number of "followers" can grow unlimitedly. You can become a "follower" with one click, a "friend" - only after the request is approved.

Do I need to buy friend requests or is it enough to buy followers?
You can not focus on one thing. Yes, buying subscribers is much more convenient: your manual actions are not required, but a new profile with 0 friends and a couple of thousand followers will cause suspicions, and your account may be restricted. At FBskip you can buy both real followers to your profile and get many friend requests from “clean” accounts. Our algorithms setting adds “followers” to your profile gradually - Facebook does not consider this a cheat.

How to buy followers and friends on your Facebook profile?
- Scroll page till "buy buttons"
- Click on the “Friend requests” or “Followers on profile” button
- (Make sure that the desired buttons on profile are active)
- Choose the number of “followers” you wish to get
- Write your contact email
- Pay for an order
- Order will be processed in few minutes after payment and after that you will get confirmation with execution details on email.
- The first activity will be sent to your account within 2-12 hours

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