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All about shares and comments on post

Share statistics: do comments and shares help promote Facebook?

It’s not enough to attract a million followers: the rating of your page depends on the activity on it. And not just likes - comments and shares are also important. But maybe they are secondary, you do not need to pay attention to them? Let's figure it out.

Shares is PR's best friend.
This is an effective promotion tool, especially if there is activity in the post: for example, promotion, discount or raffle. Buy 50-100 Facebook post shares - and a “repost wave” can start, which will lead to a couple of hundreds of followers to your page — moreover, it’s your target audience, because they are interested in a discount, they need your services. In addition, Facebook shares increase the post rating and the page as a whole: it is better ranked in search, it’s becoming more popular ... And these are new reposts, followers - with interesting content, the process is growing.

Discussion or praise - it's up to you to buy comments.
Comments do not directly affect the rating, but perform two important functions. Firstly, they give the page a “natural" look. Let’s agree that 10,000 likes with only 2 comments look ... suspicious. Even if Facebook’s algorithms skip such a trick, adverse users (such as competitors) can send the report to tech support.
Secondly - with the help of comments, a certain mood is formed in the post. Positive feedback, such as: “How great it is, you are the best!”, is not always needed. Conflicts, active discussion in the comments also help in promoting the page. This encourages random visitors to write their opinion, like ... or maybe subscribe.

What comments are worth ordering?
Depends on the situation. The FBskip service allows you to draw up specifications for various tasks: from typical commendable comments to manually compiled discussions. We do not use bots - all commentators are living people from different accounts, which are no less ... The only limitation is the ban on ordering insults (trolling, cursing, etc.). Here you can order reposts from the USA, Europe or other regions at your request. As a result, comments were written, impressions increased, goods sold better!

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