Purchase real video views on Facebook

Tired of wasting advertising budgets? Facebook video views cost more than $ 1? Is the pagerank growing slowly? Stop wasting money - FBskip offers a new approach to advertising on Facebook by promoting your videos and live streams views and attracting new customers.

Who are we?

Our company, FBskip, have been working in the field of SMM for 5 years. During this time, we have studied all the “perks” of Facebook video views and use them to help our customers. For prices starting at $ 35 per month, you can safely engage a live audience, increase views and likes on the videos, and grow live viewers

Why is this effective?

Facebook has long been not just a social network, but the largest advertising platform. Unlike “hype” YouTube, Twitch, and even Instagram, the Facebook audience is mature, intelligent, and solvent. Although Facebook Live launched back in 2016, the niche of video promotion on the platform is still free. Videos and live streams views will give you:

  • Increase page rank;
  • Convenient and inexpensive format of communication with the audience;
  • Presentation of your products “trial versions” or the production process demonstration;
  • New followers/likes and customers on the map of Facebook Live;

  • Why exactly us?

    Most often, our competitors use cheats from cheap sites or even bots to promote on Facebook. FBskip works on two principles - efficiency and security. Viewers promote a page in search, bring new customers to you - and these are living people who have been working for more than a year. Our customers are not in danger of blocking a broadcast or video.

    What is included in the service?

  • Improving video views with live, active accounts
  • Safe “uploading” of posts with video for their promotion;
  • The ability to adjust the viewing time from 30 to 300 minutes;
  • UNLIMITED live broadcasts with human audience of up to 1000 viewers
  • Boost Facebook video with human views

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