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It's no secret that in the XXI century, real likes online advertising gives a much greater effect than ads in newspapers or posters on the streets likes. More and more people are registered in the social networks. For example, the monthly audience of «Facebook» social network of active users is over 21.7 million. USA! Thus, progress in «Facebook» - this is an opportunity to advertise your business on one of the most visited sites internet, and the most popular social network in the world!

Promotion group in «Facebook» - is a long and complex process, which will bring USA likes results only in the case of a professional and real integrated approach. You do not know where to start promotion group in «Facebook»? We stumbled on fraud artists? There is no time to engage in the promotion of their own guaranteed group? "EULA Group» specialists will help you with the creation, design, content and promotion group in «Facebook» at very competitive price. We have a comprehensive approach to each task, use only real "white" methods and achieve maximum results! You want to increase the number of its page likes to find new USA customers and increase consumer confidence in your company? Please contact us via telephone to clarify the value of active SMM-promotion services in «Facebook» social network fbskip! Recently, we get a lot of questions about the company's name, which can not but rejoice.

How we got that way to provide real likes on Facebook! published a curious infographic on Facebook statistics for 2016 in USA. I must say that this statistic does not fit into the concept of the "beginning of the end Facebook» published recently in Ben Bajarin «Time». It is impressive. Of interesting note can be rabid growth active countries such as Brazil (299%) and followed by India (139%). By the way, Facebook likes gives you statistics only for active users, as opposed to 100 million in Twitter, which it can not real boast. Another curious to see guaranteed increase in the age group 16-17 years by 52%, which in principle is quite normal. But the 65+ group increase by 52%, to be honest, surprised. Well, you can still mark a number as "7", ie the number of registrations per second.

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