7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Your Instagram profile picture is what people see first in their feed or among other Instagram stories, so it should present you in the best way possible. Sometimes it might be hard to settle with one profile picture, so these tips are here to help you make a choice.


Tip #1: Make Your Instagram Profile Picture Represent Your Brand

Your profile picture is the first thing people learn about you, so it is a good idea to use your logo. It will help you build a long-term brand recognition and will help  you immediately introduce people to your brand. You can also use your headshot to introduce your personality, if your Instagram is selling you not a brand.


Tip #2: Get Your Instagram Profile Picture Aesthetic Right

Your Instagram profile picture should fit with your overall Instagram aesthetic. Stick with the same color palette or theme. 


Tip #3: Keep Your Instagram Profile Picture Up to Date

Show that you are active on Instagram by keeping your profile picture up to date. Don’t have a picture in front of the Christmas tree in the summer and otherwise. People might think you are not active enough. You can either can update your profile pic from time to time or not choose an event attached picture. It should be natural and not associated to a particular moment in that case.


Tip #4: Edit Your Instagram Profile Picture to the Perfect Size

The picture you choose should look good in that little circle on Instagram. All profile pics should have a size of 110 x 110 pixels because Instagram will cut it later into a circle. To see how the picture will look on your profile photo tap on “Edit Profile” section from your profile page, tap “Change Profile Picture” and test your options. Does the picture look good in a circle?


Tip #5: Think About the Background to Your Instagram Profile Picture

You want your profile picture to stand out and that’s why all factors should line up perfectly, including the background you choose. It should help you stand out but at the same time don’t grab too much attention. The picture should sell you not your background, even if it is the most beautiful castle you’ve ever been too. Explore your different options but try to stick with your overall Instagram aesthetic.


Tip #6: Use Props in Your Instagram Profile Picture

Your profile picture should represent you. Show what your profile is about in that picture. It will help you to stand out against the competition if you can show off your personality and brand at the same time.


Tip #7: Let Your Logo or Headshot Be the Focus of Your Instagram Profile Picture

Don’t forget that your profile picture is very small on the phone screen and you can not zoom it. That’s why you should not include too many elements and take the main focus on your logo or headshot. Make it take the whole circle and fill as much of it as possible. Also make sure it’s clear and easy to read and see all the details. Don’t choose pictures where you are miles away.