How to reply to Instagram direct messages from my computer?

For many years, users were able to use Instagram only on their smartphones, the most you could do on your desktop computer was viewing the posts, that’s it. You couldn’t post photos and videos from your laptop, or reply to direct messages. Well, at least one of these things has changed recently – you can now reply to direct messages from Instagram and Facebook on your laptop, and you only need one platform to do this. There are two options: you can reply to your direct messages from Instagram through Facebook Messenger app, or you can use Creator Studio to reply to direct messages from Facebook and Instagram, as well as manage Facebook and Instagram comments. 

How to reply to Instagram direct messages using Facebook Pages?

One of the ways to view and reply to your Instagram direct messages is through Facebook Pages. You can use this feature of the platform to reply to both Facebook and Instagram DMs. Once you log in to your Facebook account, open your inbox and use the menu on the left side of the screen to find the Instagram Direct tab. Simply click on it to view your DMs from Instagram and reply to them. This feature is also available on smartphones through the Pages app, so you can easily reply to your direct messages even on the go. 

Use Creator Studio to view and reply to Instagram DMs

Creator Studio is a wonderful tool with many useful features, but recently, it became even more necessary for influencers and Instagram and Facebook business page managers. If you often get overwhelmed by the amount of DMs and comments you get on Facebook and Instagram, this is the perfect tool to help you handle these communications efficiently. 

To view your Instagram direct messages through Creator Studio, simply open the platform in the app or website and located the Inbox tab in the menu on the left. Find Instagram Direct and tap it – you will be asked to log in to your Instagram account. Once you’re logged in, you can use the Instagram Direct tab in Creator Studio to view and reply to Instagram DMs. 

Advantages of integrated Facebook and Instagram DMs inbox

While regular users may not see the advantage of having both their Facebook and Instagram direct messages accessible through the same platform, it is an invaluable tool for larger accounts. Receiving lots of direct messages and comments is a great sign that your account is appealing to your audience, but when you’re using Facebook, Instagram and lots of other platforms at the same time to run your business, it can certainly get overwhelming pretty fast. Being able to reply to direct messages and comments on Instagram and Facebook through the same platform can help streamline communication with customers and ensure that you reply to all messages and comments in a timely manner even when it gets busy.