7 Ways To Place a Link On Your Instagram

Instagram is notorious for not letting its users add links on the platform. But luckily, there are a few places on the platform where you can post links. We will review them in this article.

Put a Link in Instagram Bio

The easiest way to put a clickable link on an Instagram profile is to add it to the Instagram bio. This feature is available to everyone regardless of whether you have a business or a private account.

Remember that everyone who happens to visit your account can click on this link. Thus, it is better to use it as your permanent “home” link to your website or other social media page rather than changing it all the time.

Link Services for Multiple Links 

Link services used to be very popular on Instagram at one point. However, their popularity decreased over time. Now with more design capabilities and a better user experience they are becoming more and more popular again. 

Linktree is a classic example of a tool that allows you to present a list of clickable links to your visitors. When editing a Linktree page, keep the style and color scheme of your brand or products in mind. This way customers can feel your brand identity even on the Linktree page.

Some services such as Linkin.bio by Later allow you to create a copy of your Instagram profile and turn all photos and videos into links. Thus, visitors can just click the post that attracted their attention and be redirected to your website.

Short Links in Your Instagram Post Captions

Although you cannot put a clickable link in your post captions, you can still use captions to your advantage.

With services like Bitly, you can shorten your link to just one word or a couple of letters. This makes it easy for users to remember it, especially if you use a word associated with your brand.

To make the most of your post captions, you can direct users to check out the link in the bio. This will also help to drive more website traffic from Instagram.

Links in Instagram Shoppable Posts and Stories

You can use a shopping tag to link users to one physical product sold in a specific group of countries.

To add a shopping tag to your account, you first have to create a product catalog on Facebook. After all the products are uploaded, you can use shopping tags on Instagram. A Shopping tab will also appear in your account next to the other tabs (profile grid, individual photos, and tagged photos). If you hit that tab, your product catalog will show up.

Paid Promotion

When you utilize paid promotion for your posts, you will be able to share clickable links in the captions to posts and stories and thus segment your audience. To use this feature, you have to pay for the ads via an Instagram business profile. You will be able to add links to your photos as long as you pay money for users to see them.

Link in Direct Messages

You can significantly improve your sales rate by paying more attention to your inbox. This will not only allow you to build strong customer relationships, but also share active links with potential customers. You can use links both in quick replies and standard messages. 

Links in IGTV Description

Instagram gives you more link capabilities on IGTV than for video posts on your feed. 

You can add a clickable link to the description of each IGTV video you post. Other users will need to click the arrow button next to the post title to see the link.


Did Instagram remove swipe up?

Yes, it did. In Stories, the swipe-up gestures used for transition to websites were replaced with stickers.

Can you post links on Instagram? 

Yes, there are a few ways to add links on your Instagram account but you can’t put a clickable links in an Instagram post caption.