Benefits of Using Facebook Login on a Website

Facebook Login is a simple tool that enables users to log into websites through their Facebook profiles. This means that owners of different websites don’t need to create a unique sign-in system for their websites.

Facebook Login is beneficial not only for the visitors of your website but for you as well, since Facebook login allows you to get some specific pieces of information about the users, including their email addresses, Facebook friends, and even likes and interests.

Facebook Login saves time and stress! Instead of thinking of a new password, visitors can just use their existing Facebook account with its current password. 

Finally, Facebook Login is secure! A survey by the Digital Guardian shows that on average, we create approximately 300 accounts using our email address. Of course, the vast majority of us don’t bother creating unique passwords for all 300 accounts. Thus, using the same password for several websites creates serious security risks.

How to Set Up Facebook Login?

Below, you will find a guide on how to add Facebook Login to your website step by step.

  • Create a Facebook for Developers Account

You will need to create a Facebook for Developers account to add Facebook Login to your page. You can easily do this on the Facebook for Developers website.

  • Create a Facebook Login App 

The next step is creating a Facebook app. Click on the Create App button on your Facebook for Developers dashboard. Then choose the Consumer app type. 


Create an app name and fill in your contact details. After clicking the Create App button again you will be redirected to your website’s app dashboard.

  • Set Up Facebook Login for the Website


Now you should see Facebook Login among your website app options. To get started, click the Set Up button. You will then need to enter the URL of the website, copy your Facebook SDK for JavaScript, customize your login button, and get a personalized code which you will have to insert on your website.

Congrats, you’ve added Facebook Login to your website! However, you can customize it further if necessary.  

Customize Facebook Login

One of the options you can use is to give visitors the opportunity to delete their data. This is something you should definitely consider doing since it can make website visitors feel safer. You can also customize your Facebook login button by choosing the size, shape, and wording you prefer.

By default, you will get the visitor’s email address only if they use Facebook Login. But you can request additional permissions from website visitors. For this purpose, you would need to send your app to Facebook for review. After the successful review, you will have over 50 different types of permissions to choose from.


What is Facebook Login?

Facebook Login is the fastest way for a user to log into your app or website using their Facebook account This eliminates the need for the user to create a new account and allows you to get access to more of your visitors’ data.

How do I use the Facebook Login button?

The Facebook Login button starts the process of the Facebook Login on your website. Visitors who are not logged in yet will launch the login flow by clicking the button.