Here is why you should buy 50,000 Facebook likes right now

Facebook’s wave of success is not breaking. With over two billion registered users and 700 million active users every month, the platform is one of the best-known social networks. For private individuals, companies, freelancers, and artists, it, therefore, makes sense to use the platform for their own external presentation. This is possible by creating a Facebook fan page.

First the editorial plan, then the fan page!

The fan page can be created with just a few clicks. All you need is a few company or personal details, a profile photo, and a little time to define the basic settings. However, we advise you to familiarize yourself intensively with its functions and services even before you start your Facebook marketing.

Understanding Fanpage Likes

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s first clarify what getting Facebook Likes means in the context of a fan page. If you already have a private profile on Facebook, you’ll be familiar with the five emoticons located below each post: The blue and white Facebook thumb, the red heart, and one laughing, crying or angry smiley each can be used to interact with a post without making a written comment. You can also buy such posts or post likes with us. At this point, however, we would like to explain an initially more significant feature that is not available to private users: the Fanpage Likes.

“Like” or “Subscribe” – differences you should know about

On your Facebook page, below your profile picture, you will find a button bar divided into the “Like”, “Subscribe” and “Share” buttons. For successful Facebook marketing, it is crucial that you get as many users as possible to “Like” your page. Because with every “Like”, you firstly get a new subscriber and secondly improve your reputation on Facebook.

This often has an effect on your reach as well: Facebook shows your page to more users with similar interests, and users who follow your new followers also see that he or she has tagged your page. Another advantage is that you can see which profile belongs to the subscriber in question.

The situation is different when an interested party only clicks on “Subscribe”. You then know that you have one more subscriber, but the person behind them remains invisible for the time being.

Let’s summarize: Facebook Likes have two different functions on Fanpages. They serve to get users to “like” your page and subscribe. Or they correspond to the post Likes also contained on private profiles.

Buy Facebook Likes = achieve faster growth

In order to make your page known as quickly as possible, it can be helpful to get a lot of likes and thus subscribers soon after it is published. However, since the Facebook algorithm grinds very slowly in this regard, you can also use complimentary options. One, for example, is our offer to buy Facebook Likes.

Buying Likes at this point means that we present your page to users in our partner networks, who like your page and receive something in return.

And what’s next?

Buying Likes accelerates and complements your marketing campaign, but does not replace it. It is important that you include other aspects in it as well.

• Which of the services that can be integrated via Facebook do you want to set up, for example? Online appointment calendar or direct call? Product page or the possibility to send you a message immediately via Facebook?

• Do you also want to set up groups in which users have the opportunity to find out about relevant topics and exchange information intensively?

• Do you want to set up a store or participate in the Facebook Marketplace?

• Are you planning large sweepstakes or giving away small giveaways?

Also, keep an eye on your editorial plan and adjust your strategy and content every now and then if you notice that you are only partially reaching your target audience. Also, remember to let your subscribers know what you want them to do politely and use clear call-to-actions every now and then.

You can buy 50,000 Facebook Likes for your fan page from us at reasonable prices. Unlike other agencies, we also optionally offer you various useful premium features. This includes:

  • Whether the number of new Likes received daily for your Fanpage should be limited to a daily maximum, so that the build-up resembles an organic growth;
  • Whether you want to buy Likes from male or female Facebook users.

You can get visible growth on Facebook as soon as tomorrow. All we need is the address of your Facebook Fanpage for which you want to buy Likes.

Why buy Facebook Likes?

More than 700 million people use Facebook every month, 550 million of them even daily. Do you still receive only a few new Likes for your Facebook page? One way to kick-start growth is to buy Facebook Likes.

Where do the Likes come from?

With us, you will only receive Likes from real users! Are you interested in international 50000 Facebook Likes or in a specific country of origin? Please send us a message.

Is it possible to buy female or male Facebook Likes?

This option is also available with us, at no extra charge. If you choose this option, at least 90% of the Likes we refer, will match your selection.