How Can I Cross-Post to Instagram From My Facebook Page?

Until recently, Instagram has offered users the possibility to cross-post to Facebook. When posting content on Instagram, you had a one-sided option to share the video or photo to your Facebook profile. 

However, recently Facebook introduced a new feature that got thousands of marketers and bloggers excited. Now, users can also cross-post from their Facebook page to a connected Instagram business account. This functionality can save businesses time, reduce workload, and alleviate financial implications for small companies.

Now you can automatically cross-post to Instagram by simply adding  Instagram as a posting option on the Facebook post you are going to publish. There is no need to look for your mobile device and create another post on Instagram separately anymore.

Set up the Cross-Post Feature on Your Facebook Account

To make the most of the new feature you have to have your Instagram business profile connected to a Facebook account. If you have connected your profiles, just start creating a new post on Facebook and you will see the Instagram post option at the bottom of the screen.

Create Your Post on Facebook 

For the feature to work, your post must include a visual part. However, currently, it is not possible to cross-post more than one photo or video. Interestingly, there are almost no restrictions with regard to the photo size since Instagram supports a wide range sizes. However, vertical photos taller than the 4:3 ratio won’t be accepted.

The caption to the photo will also be the same both on Instagram and Facebook. So if you want to put hashtags on your Instagram post, you can edit it after posting or add the hashtags to the first comment under the post. 

Publish the Post on Facebook and Instagram

You need to log into the Instagram account with your password and username to enable Instagram sharing. This is a one-time action and you won’t need to do it every time you post something unless you use a different Facebook profile or device. If you want to schedule a post for a later time, the cross-posting feature won’t be available, as you have to click the Share Now button to post simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram.


Is cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook good?

Most marketers use cross-posting since it allows them to save time and effort. The feature is especially useful for those who post very often.

Should I post the same content on Facebook and Instagram?

This depends on your targeted audience on Facebook and Instagram. However, even if the audiences you’re targeting on the two platforms are different, you can post the same content once in a while.

What are the best days to post on Facebook?

This can vary from case to case. However, as a rule of thumb, the best day overall is Wednesday, while the worst one is Sunday.