How many Facebook pages can you have?

Facebook has strict rules regarding registration and the accuracy of users’ personal data. One of their most famous principles is one person – one profile registered in the individual’s real name.

How how does everything work in reality and how many Facebook accounts can one user create? Find out all the answers in this article. 

A user’s personal Facebook page is called a profile. Your personal account is the key to other social network’s features, as, without a personal profile, it is impossible to create any of the other types of accounts, including advertising accounts, pages, or groups. 

How many accounts can you have on Facebook? The main rule.

The most important and strictest Facebook rule “one person – one account” applies specifically to personal profiles.

When someone attempts to create a new profile, the platform analyzes the user’s name, surname, date of birth, photos, IP address, hardware ID, and cookies. Based on all these criteria, the system figures out if the user has made attempts to create more than one registration. At the slightest suspicion, new accounts are sent for additional verification, using photos or documents.

But! The number of Facebook pages and groups you can create is not limited in any way.

You can have a personal profile for communicating with loved ones, but at the same time maintain several public pages and communities of different topics at the same time, opened with its help. 

How many advertising accounts can I create on Facebook? 

Advertising is a little more complicated, as one personal profile can own only one advertising account. At the same time, an advertising account cannot be created on the basis of a page or a group – it must have an owner with a personal profile. 


Reasons why you may need multiple Facebook accounts:

  • browse the network incognito without leaving traces of you visiting other pages in your personal Facebook history;
  • run advertising campaigns from different accounts if there’s a risk of some accounts getting blocked;
  • send spam and advertising messages (we strongly discourage this).


How many Facebook pages can you have?

There’s no limit. You can attach as many pages to your personal profile as you want.

How many Facebook business pages can you have?

There’s no limit for business Facebook pages as well. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is it illegal to have multiple Facebook accounts?

No, it’s not illegal but it’s prohibited by Facebook. Facebook Terms of Service don’t allow users to have more than one personal account.

How many pages can you like on Facebook in a day? 

That there is a limit on the number of page likes you can leave on Facebook each day. Facebook Terms of Service state that the “like” limit on Facebook is 5000 likes per day.

Why can’t I convert my Facebook profile to a page?

Not long ago people were allowed to convert Facebook profiles to Facebook pages by simply generating a page based on information from the profile. The profile’s friends were transformed into the Page’s fans. Unfortunately, you can’t do this anymore. Now, you need to create a new Facebook page for your business from scratch by yourself.