How Often Should You Post On Instagram?

Instagram nowadays is a big platform used for business, marketing, blogging, promoting or just as a hobby. It came a long way from being a filter app platform to having millions of users from all around the world. 

Every year it has new updates, allowing you to have a better insight to your statistics and creating better content. Remember how a few years ago we were introduced to Instagram stories which are now equally important marketing tool such as posts? The use of all the Instagram tools matters to help your account succeed. Don’t forget that on Instagram your success is determined by numbers – number of followers, number of likes, number of comments, number of savings, number of engagements. The more successful your post is the better it can serve your profile, bringing more audience to your account.

One of the important aspects of having a successful Instagram account is to post. However, to make those posts more successful they should be posted with the right frequency and the right time. So what is the right frequency and how often should you post on Instagram?

Why Does Instagram Posting Frequency matter?

Your posting frequency kind of determines your posts success. The more often you post, the more likes you can receive. Regular posting increases engagement with your posts and account and can bring you new followers. So it’s important to posts frequently and consistently to gather more audience and constantly remind your followers about yourself. However, you have to also be thoughtful about what you post to benefit from regular posting not harm yourself. 

How Often Should you Post on Instagram?

The best frequency to post on Instagram is believed to be between one to three times per day. Big brands choose to post on average 1,5 times per day and it works well for them. 

This works for some businesses and for some audiences but not for others. You need to be sure you have enough marketing material to post at this rate all the time. Sometimes you can start strong with several posts a day but then just go down to several posts a week. This will actually harm your statistics and hence, your business. So while it’s important to post often, it’s also important to post consistently. Find enough of marketing material first and post it with the same frequency. Overall, if you can’t post several times a day consistently, don’t even start. Post less but stay consistent. It’s always better to post less high quality photos than to post low quality content frequently.

Other Instagram Tips and Tricks

You also now can upgrade your Instagram account to a business profile, to see your insights such as which posts were most popular, how many people you reach, impressions, where your followers are from and when they view Instagram. This can help you make some executive decisions.