How to add or remove a credit card on Facebook?

When using Facebook ads, you will need to have your payment card details connected to your Facebook account. You may want to remove your credit card from your Facebook ad account for a variety of reasons – maybe your card or payment method has expired, you no longer want to run ads on Facebook, or you have noticed that your payment doesn’t go through and you need to replace your payment details. Let’s take a look at each method you can use to change a credit card on Facebook.

How to add a credit card to Facebook?

If your previous card has expired or you changed it for some reason, the first thing to do would be to add a new card to Facebook. If you want your ads to run smoothly without interruptions, adding your new payment details is paramount. 

To do this, go to your ads manager, click on the menu button, and choose “Billing & payment methods”. Here you will see all the available methods that are connected to your Facebook Ad account. You might notice that you are unable to remove your credit card from Facebook if it is the only card in the account. Facebook makes sure there is at least one payment method connected to your account, so you will need to add new card details before removing the previous ones.  

So, how to add a new credit card to Facebook? On the same page, click “Add a funding source”. Then you can set a primary payment method. Go to “Edit payment methods” and choose the payment method you’d like to set as the main one. Then you will get verified by your financial institution and after that, you will be able to use this card to run ads. But what if you want to completely delete a credit card from Facebook?

How to remove a debit card on Facebook?

To remove a debit card from Facebook, you will need to deactivate your ads account. This is the only way to remove your payment details from the platform. Go to your ads manager settings and click “Deactivate your account”. Facebook will then ask you to provide a reason for deactivation and it will take some time to deactivate your account. 


How to change a credit card on Facebook?

Are you wondering how to change the credit card you use to pay for Facebook ads? It is very simple. If you have a variety of payment methods and want to change your main one, go to “Edit payment methods”, choose the one you will be using from the list, and save the changes. 

Frequently asked questions about Facebook credit card charges and payment methods 

Why did Facebook charge me for ads? 

If you were unexpectedly charged by Facebook, this could happen due to the following reasons: 

  • Someone who has a role in your Facebook ads account was running ads using your payment details; 
  • You started an ad campaign some time ago and weren’t aware that it’s still running. 

In any case, you have to check what happened and remove the payment method Facebook is now using to avoid being charged without a valid reason again. 

Does Facebook accept PayPal?

Yes, you can add PayPal as a payment method on Facebook and easily disconnect PayPal from Facebook if you no longer need it. 

How to remove PayPal from Facebook? 

Your PayPal details can be removed from Facebook the same way as credit or debit card details. You have to first add an alternative payment method and set it as the main one, and then delete the PayPal option.