How to get local followers on Instagram for your business page?

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool and if you are a small business owner you probably have your business Instagram page? If it is a small local business not all the tricks for getting new followers will be beneficial for you, as you probably only work at a local market and want to get mostly local followers. Of course, numbers matter and you would not mind having followers from all around the world, but think of conversions. Only local followers can actually become your customers, so it is in your interest to attract as many of them as possible. As you are a small business owner you probably can’t afford to pay for a social media marketer so you have to figure all the marketing tricks out on your own. Local followers are valuable not only because of the sales funnel but they also can spread the word about your enterprise and create a sense of community and branding. So here are some tricks for you how you can get more local followers.

1. Research Local Hashtags

There are some specific hashtags in each area that you should research and use with your posts to easily be discovered. Check out local events, slang, toponyms, anything that people in you area might look for and tag on their pictures. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on a post but use them wisely. They should show the essence of your business and help you get discovered by your target market. 

2. Interact with the most recent local posts

Research what people post in your area. Use location tags or hashtags. And start you interaction. A lot of people pay attention to commenting area so if you leave a comment or ask a question under a local post you can draw attention to your page and even get more new followers. Keep the conversation polite and professional, or just leave an emoji. Every mean is good. It’s especially useful to ask a question in a comment, encouraging an account owner to answer you and drawing more attention to your comment and page. 

And, of course, don’t forget to like.

3. Interact with your Instagram news feed

Research your competitors, possible prospective clients and follow them. This can encourage them to follow you back. After that like and comment on their posts. Check your Instagram news feed consistently for any updates. 

4. Use a location tag

You should always add a location tag to all your posts, that will help you get discovered. Moreover, you can use the location tag to discover more local users. Thus, you can check out any updates in your area, follow prospective clients and competitors, and basically see what is going on around.

 5. Use your local competitors

Research your competitors and follow them to check out their new updates. Also follow their followers they can be interested in your product too.