How to have an awesome Instagram feed

Have you ever looked at you Instagram account and wondered why it doesn’t look as good as good as those other accounts with thousands of followers? It turns out that you don’t need some special design talent of a team of social media managers to create a gorgeous Instagram account that people just have to subscribe to. If you know and follow a few simple design rules you can create a beautiful Instagram feed in no time. After that you just need to stick to the theme and plan your photos in advance. 


1.Pick a grid layout for your Instagram 

A grid layout is the arrangement of your photos in the grid by type. For instance, you can choose to alternate photo types every other photo or have three photos in a row that look similar and then switch to a different type for another 3 photos. Photo types can include landscapes, inspirational quotes, selfies, macro photos of objects and whatever else you can come up with.


2. Pick an Instagram theme for your feed

An Instagram feed theme is essentially a representation of your personality in a visual form. What are you like? Do you want your followers to see you tropical and carefree, deep and thoughtful, moody and complex, minimalistic, boho or maybe something else? Having a consistent Instagram feed theme is essential to creating a visually appealing profile. Take your time, decide on the theme, choose the colors for your feed and stick to them in every single photo. 


3. Select things to talk about

There is nothing wrong with having a lifestyle Instagram account and you can definitely start your account out that way. But think about your favorite Instagram accounts. The absolute majority of instagrammers have a few topics they talk about in their posts and they stick to them. Some post about fashion, others about cooking, travel, parenting, gardening or other things. This helps to build a loyal community of followers who are not just enjoying your photos but also connect with you on a personal level. You don’t need to choose one thing, two, three and even five topics will work just fine. 


4. Choose THE filter

While photo filters are fun and awesome, using different filters for photos in your Instagram feed is not always the best idea because it usually ruins the theme you’ve created and makes the feed overall look less appealing. Choosing just one filter and sticking with it for all your photos will help create a consistent Instagram feed theme even if the colors in the photos are different. 


5. Keep the background of your photos clean’

Whenever you choose a photo that you want to post on Instagram make sure that you pay attention not only to the main subject of the pic but also to the background. Try keeping the background nice and clean in your photos so you don’t draw attention from what you’re actually showing the viewer. The only exceptions are, of course, situations where you do want to have a messy or crowded background on purpose.