How To Host An Effective Instagram Takeover

With a takeover, the host gets someone who can bring value to their followers while the guest gets to reach a new audience with their content. It most cases, it’s a win-win situation. 5 Steps to organizing a successful Instagram takeover. Have you done Instagram takeovers as either the host or guest before? How was it? Do you have any tips for a great Instagram takeover?

Instagram is a massive social network. It is a great space for running your business. One of the most useful tools and methods of promoting and developing your brand on Instagram is takeover. But what is it? Why is it so good? How to do it? Well, this article will answer all of these questions.


What is Instagram Takeover?

Takeover is a temporal cooperation between two content-makers, where one of them “takes over” other channel and can post everything they want. Usually, it is made because of the popularity of the person that will control your account. It can be an influencer, celebrity etc.


Why is it so good?

Well, first of all, takeover allows you to have access to new audience, where everyone can be your potential client. If you ever wanted to increase the influence of your brand to new wide areas, takeover is a great tool for that. Thank to influencers, they will set everything up for you, so that you’ll just have to continue and develop your brand in the niche you’ve wanted to be in. Also, influencers have high level of trust and the audience is very loyal to them. This means, they will listen to their words and subscribe to your account. Influencers are also gaining lots of benefits, because many people may not know them, and they will have a possibility to check the brand of influencer.


How to host it?

The first stage of hosting an Instagram Takeover is an actual planning of it. You need to understand, why you need a takeover. There can be several reasons. Maybe, you want to grow a larger audience and gain new subscribers. Or you’re starting a massive marketing campaign and want to advertise your brand new product. Or you’re just aren’t pleased with your analytics and want to have a greater engagement from the side of your audience. Every situation demands separate options. 

After you’ve finally decided your goal, try to choose the person that will takeover your account and contact him or her. Of course, it is necessary to consider your target audience, because influencers from other areas won’t bring you the desired effect. Also, be very patient and choose wisely. Check their stats, how engaged their audience is and check their previous collaborations.

When you’ve chosen your perfect influencer, you can finally start negotiating. If everything goes according to the plan, arrange a date, length of takeover and other nuances. One of the most important and engaging things is to create your own hashtag that will attract new audience.

Before starting a takeover, promote it everywhere you can. Our advice – start advertising one month before a beginning of takeover. Try to create symbols, pictures or videos that will be widely recognizable and interesting for people.

Finally, you can start your takeover and watch the whole process. After the process, collect all the information and statistics, so you will know the efficiency of the event. Harvest your fruits. Good luck!