How to Post to Instagram from PC and Mac

It is not completely true that Instagram only allows you to post pictures from your phone or tablet. There is actually a way to post a picture using your PC or Mac. To do so you will need to use a special app, a free Instagram scheduler like Later. Such apps allow you to upload to Instagram from your desktop. Here is how to post a pic from PC and Mac: 

Tip #1: Use an Instagram Scheduler That Will Automatically Post For You

Before a recent API change, Instagram was one of those social media platforms that doesn’t allow you to use apps that will automatically post scheduled posts for you. 

Fortunately after API updates Instagram now allow you to schedule your posts without the use of push notifications. You will need to use a third party app though. One of such apps is Later as it has an Auto Publish feature enabled. It’s convenient and can save you a lot of time. 

Tip #2: Use Later to Post to Instagram from PC and Mac

It’s easy to understand why people want to post to Instagram using their laptops instead of mobile devices. And with the use of Instagram scheduler like Later you can schedule them, track your analytics, optimize your workflow, generate sales, and perform many other functions. Here is how:

1. Upload Your Content to Later

Upload everything you have edited to Later, you can save it here for as long as you need – it is convenient to keep all important files at one place. Add specific labels or hashtags to help organize your storage. 

2. Schedule Your Posts

Schedule your future posts by creating a line for the upcoming week. Later will even help you determine your 7 best posting times to post at the time when your followers are the most active.

3. Plan Your Instagram Feed

You know what and when you are going to post so this is an awesome chance to start planning how your feed will look like. It’s crucial now for your business that your Instagram profile looks presentable. That is how you can convert profile visitors into followers. There are so many Visual Instagram Planner apps that you can use for these purposes, such as Later. You can plan, rearrange and adjust your future posts to make your feed look perfectly.

4. Auto Publish

Instagram now allows you to automatically publish one post to Instagram if you have a Business Profile. On Later app enable the Auto Publish feature and it will automatically post your pics for you at a scheduled time. And what’s even better, you can do all those operations from your Mac or PC, without the need for push notifications. This only works for a single photo. However, if you don’t have a Business account or want to publish a carousel you will get a push notification at a time that you scheduled to post. Just go on the app and click “Publish” – you have done all the previous work beforehand.