How to See Views on Your Facebook Posts?

Facebook is an excellent platform for business since you can use it to reach out to a huge pool of potential clients. Besides, the platform gives you lots of opportunities to target a specific audience. As a result, you might want to use these features to see what your audience looks like: who liked and commented on your posts, or, furthermore, who viewed them. 

In this article, we will tell you about a few ways you can track your Facebook views.

Who can see your Facebook views?

Before we discuss different methods you can use to see Facebook views, let’s talk about who can actually see them.

If you manage a business account, you have most likely already assigned page roles to different members of your team. These roles can include admins, analysts, advertisers, job managers, moderators, editors, etc. So, which of them can view your Facebook page insignts? The answer is everybody.

If you want to track your account’s views regularly, choose a person who will be responsible for recording the number of views your Facebook page and posts get. Usually, this position will be assigned to someone with the analyst role on Facebook. 

Track post metrics

If you have the Insights capability on Facebook, you will be able to see additional information below your posts. There, you will find two new numbers: people reached and engagement.

Engagement includes the number of all interactions other users had with the post: likes, comments, clicks, shares, and even reports. 

The People Reached metric represents the exact number of people who viewed your post. This number is different from views. If the same person saw your post four times, that would count as four views but only one reach. 

Track page insights


To view Facebook page insights, you need to navigate to the top of your page. You will see a number of buttons including Page, Inbox, Notifications, etc. in the menu on the left. Click on the Insights button. You should then see the Page Views option. Here, you will see a number that will show the total number of your page views and a graph of your view count day by day. 

You can also filter your data. For instance, you can change the time frame and view the number of page views during the recent week, month, or year. You can click the “By Section” button and see the number of views a particular type of content got on your page. For instance, you can see how many people viewed your live video, music, locations, etc. You can also filter the data to see views by age, gender, country, city, device.

In addition to the number of views, you can also see the number of viewers, which represents the exact number of unique users who viewed your content. You can filter this data as well. 

Frequently asked questions about views on Facebook

Who can see the views on the Facebook page?

If your Facebook page has the Insights capability, anyone associated with the page will be able to see the number of Facebook page views regardless of their role.

How to see the views on your Facebook video?

To see how many views your Facebook video got, click on the three-dot icon next to your profile picture and choose the “View as” button.