How to share Facebook posts with specific people?

Facebook is a platform that has over 3 billion active users and contains a massive amount of information on virtually any topic. While business accounts significantly benefit from being able to reach a huge audience, some individuals might justifiably see this as a privacy concern. 


Protecting your privacy on Facebook

There are several reasons to preserve your privacy on Facebook:

  • Burglars can use Facebook posts to track when you leave your home
  • Employers might disapprove of the content you post, which can even lead to termination
  • Your employer might see the content you post as unprofessional
  • Scammers can stalk your account and assault you online

These are just a few of the many reasons for keeping your Facebook activity private. So, how can you restrict what other people see on your Facebook page? We will discuss several methods in this article.

Block or report a user

The simplest way to protect your Facebook privacy is to simply block people you don’t like. They will be restricted from viewing all of your content. Even if somebody sends the blocked person a link to your page or post, it will appear as a dead URL. Additionally, you can report the profile to Facebook if the person is threatening or harassing you.

However, this is not a reliable way to cope with expert scammers. If you block their page, they can create a new one. To avoid such a situation, we recommend you to use the next method on the list.

Adjust post sharing settings

Facebook allows you to control who can view your posts. When you publish any content in the What’s on your mind box, you will see a drop-down menu at the top. The menu will give you the following privacy settings to choose from: 

  • Public
  • Friends
  • Friends except…
  • Friends of friends
  • Specific Friends
  • Only me
  • Custom
  • Close friends

Adjust profile privacy settings

The best and easiest way to control all of your content is to modify your profile privacy settings. Navigate to the Facebook privacy menu and then click the Privacy button. Under Your Activity, you will see Who can see your future posts? Change this setting to any option other than Public

Use unpublished posts

This option can be used by business pages of organizations, brands, communities, etc. With this type of account, you have just two post privacy options: published and unpublished. When you create a post without publishing it, nobody will see it unless you send them a direct link to it.

Unpublished posts are commonly used for advertising purposes. For instance, you can create six unpublished post ads with the same text but different pictures. Nobody will accuse you of spamming but you will be able to test out your ads and see which combination works best.

Note that you can create unpublished posts only with a Facebook power editor, an add-on for Chrome. You can configure it via this link.

Target your ads

Facebook offers you plenty of ways to target your audience. You can run your ads for people based on their demographics, location, job occupation, education level, interests, etc.

Remember that you can run ads only from a business account, and you will likely have to pay a significant amount of money for advertising.

Create Facebook groups

Creating a Facebook group is an excellent method of restricting your content. You can make your group private so it won’t appear in the search; or you can leave it open. In this case, other users will be able to see your content only after becoming a member of the group.

Frequently asked questions about restricting your Facebook audience

How do I make my Facebook posts private?

Facebook allows any user to limit the visibility of their posts. You can change your post-sharing settings in the drop-down menu at the top of “What’s in your mind?” box.

Why is my post unshareable?

If you set your post privacy settings to Friends only, people will not be able to share it. If you find this to be the case, simply change the Post Sharing settings.