How to start a business on Instagram? A guide

Whether you already have a business and now just want to create an Instagram account for the company, or you’re just thinking of starting a business and want to begin by creating a business Instagram account, our easy step-by-step guide is here to help. 

  1. Download Instagram app

If you’ve never had an Instagram account before, you will first need to download the app, as all the posting, commenting, and other stuff is done through the app. It is free and available on all smartphones. 

2. Create a new Instagram account

Once you have the app, you can either log in with your business Facebook account or use a company email or phone number to create a new account. If you are also using Instagram for personal use, you will need to log out of your personal account first. 

3. Link your business Instagram account to Facebook

In order to switch your Instagram account to a business you will need to go to Settings and find the “Switch to business profile” option. You will need to tap on it and follow the prompts until you are asked to connect your business Facebook account to your new Instagram account. Make sure that your Instagram account is set to public at this point. Before connecting your Facebook profile you need to make sure that you’re the administrator of the business Facebook page, as it won’t work otherwise. 

4. Set up your business Instagram account

The next step is to fill out your business profile information. Type in your company email, address and phone number. Once you’re done, go to your Instagram profile page. You should see a graph icon in the upper part of the screen – if you tap on it it will take you to Insights, which gives you important information about your promotional campaigns, engagement and more. 

5. Complete your Instagram profile

Since you don’t want your Instagram account to be empty, the next step will be to fill out as much information as possible. For instance, upload a profile photo, this can be a logo of the company or a photo of the products. You can also add a little bit of information about the business in the bio along with a link to your website. The great thing about Instagram is that you can be as casual as you want in your posts, it is expected and encouraged. 

6. Get some followers

The easiest way to get the ball rolling with gaining new followers is to first invite your contacts from other social media to follow you on Instagram. For instance, you can invite your Facebook friends to follow you by sending them a notification that you’re now on Instagram through the Settings menu. You can do the same for other accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and more. 

7. Start posting on your business Instagram account!

Once you’re done with everything from the list above, you can finally start filling your Instagram gallery with photos and videos. You can add stories to maintain a high level of engagement with your followers at all times.