Making a Facebook Messenger chatbot – a guide

Do you want to reduce the amount of manpower your business spends to answer questions and requests from customers on Facebook? Or maybe you’d like to give Facebook users the opportunity go get their questions about your business answered 24/7? If so, your best bet is to creata a chatbot for Facebook Messenger! Messenger chatbots allow you to automate conversations with customers who have simple requests, common questions, etc.


Making a chatbot for Facebook Messenger

There are many ways to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The method you ultimately choose will depend on your budget, the level of complexity of the bot, the amount of coding experience you have, and whether you’re willing to hire someone to create the chatbot for you. 

The easiest and cheapest way to create a Facebook chatbot is to use a tool such as Botsify, Chatfuel, or OnSequel to make a simple, yet effective menu-based bot. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a chatbot using Chatfuel. 

First, you will need to create a Chatfuel account and then log into your Facebook account on the Chatfuel website. Then press the “+” button to create a new bot. You will be given the option to choose a pre-existing template or create a chatbot from scratch. You will need to enter the name of the bot and press the Connect to Facebook button. After that, you will need to select which page you want the bot to be associated with. You can choose from your existing pages or press the Create Facebook Page button. Finally, press Build in the menu on the left to start creating your bot. The chatbot creation service will guide you through the process of making your chatbot and help you add all the blocks and buttons to the bot. 

When you’re done creating the bot, you can choose to test the chatbot on Messenger or save the chatbot. Don’t forget to test the bot extensively to make sure that everything works the way it’s supposed to. You should also use different devices and browsers to ensure there are no issues. Plus, it’s a good idea to ask friends or coworkers to take a look at your bot from their tablets, smartphones, and computers to ensure that everything looks good. 



Is chatbot on Facebook free?

Yes, it’s free to add a chatbot to your Facebook page but you may need to use a paid chatbot creation service or hire a programmer to create it.

How do you get a free chatbot on Facebook?

You need to use a third-party chatbot-making service to create a Facebook chatbot. You can also hire a coder to make a bot, but this will likely be expensive.