Reasons to buy USA likes

Get more Likes and a better reach for your page! We provide you with new fans for your Facebook fan page easily and according to target group specifications. In the customer area, you can start your campaign yourself and specify characteristics at no extra charge. If you want to buy specifically USA likes, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at why you should buy likes.

5 reasons why you should buy likes

You are still unsure and don’t really know if “buying” likes will help you? We understand! In times of data scandals, social bots, and stricter data protection laws, a lot of uncertainty is spreading. Elon Musik even deleted the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX. But you can find out here why small and medium-sized companies shouldn’t do without Facebook altogether, and what benefits Facebook Likes can even bring:

1. Likes and reach are still the driving force

Small businesses and self-employed people in particular benefit from having a Facebook page. More than 65% of all German companies can be found online on Facebook. Nowhere else is it easier to get in direct contact with your customers and prospects. In 2018, it is still relevant for entrepreneurs to expand their reach and increase the number of likes. So, as an entrepreneur, you should also strive to increase the number of likes organically.

2. Why buying Facebook likes is not dangerous

Some experts talk about buying Facebook Likes is harmful when users are not active. This is true. For this reason, InstaGrow has been offering only real users for referral since 2012. Buying Likes is namely only harmful when it comes to fake profiles. So-called fake accounts increase the mere number of “likes”, but not your reach. In addition, the users usually come from other countries, which are guaranteed not to be interested in your content, products, or services. So when buying Facebook Likes, make sure that you only have real users referred to your page.

3. Higher likes count leads to more sales and social attention

Yes, you heard right – the number of likes on your fan page can determine whether a prospect becomes a customer! More and more prospects are using Google and Facebook to find out more before making initial contact. There is a simple logic behind this: people want to know who you are dealing with. To do this, they search for company listings on Google and company pages on Facebook. Companies with an average to an above-average number of fans and reviews are particularly likely to score points. Of course, it is essential that you regularly publish new content on your fan page – if the last post is from 2017, that will certainly not strengthen trust in your company.

4. Purchased likes are a good start

Are you still new to social media? No problem. If you have just created a new fan page, you surely know the problem: The likes stay away! But especially in the early days, an active fan base is important to get more fans and likes. It is much easier to gain new Facebook likes if some fans are already active on the page and the “like” counter is not at 0.

5. Buying Facebook likes is extremely cheap

Unlike other advertising campaigns, it requires a much less financial commitment. Even with a small budget, visible results can be seen on your own fan page. Not to mention the enormous effort involved in “collecting” likes. If you decide to buy Likes, you can sit back and relax: We will take care that your page gets new Likes. Exactly according to your specified target groups. By the way, it is also worth starting with a small package. You can still switch to a bigger one afterward if you are convinced of the quality of the referred users.

Can I buy likes from a specific country?

Yes. You can specify the target groups according to which new likes should be conveyed to your Facebook fan page. You can set the following characteristics:

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Country (the USA, UK, Germany and etc).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set interests.