What happens to live video streams on YouTube?

Nowadays, live streaming is becoming very popular not only among personal page users but among business accounts too. As a result, users want to know all about streaming. One of the most frequently asked questions is: what happens to Facebook live video streams after the end of the stream?

What does Facebook do with your live video?

While you stream a live video (by the way, you can stream for no longer than 8 hours in one session), Facebook records it and after you end the video, the platform automatically uploads it to your page or to your profile so that your fans and friends who missed it can watch it.

Note: Facebook may not upload the video immediately after you’ve finished streaming. It may take some time to make the recording of the live stream available as a video post on your page.

Keep in mind that all the chatting that went on while you were streaming is recorded and will be presented as comments with timestamps below your video.

How to promote live video streams on Facebook?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to promote live videos while streaming. 

But there is a lot of other ways to promote it. 

For example, you can create a post announcing your upcoming stream with a link to it. For more, you can ask your fans to turn on notifications so that they get notified when you start streaming. 

Additionally, you can promote the video post with the recorded live stream just like all the other posts to get likes, views, and comments.


Privacy features for live stream recordings on Facebook

“Only me” mode

Set the privacy settings on your live video streams to “only me” as a test. You can then stream a sample live video to see and try all the features of streaming before actually going live in front of others. As the video will only be available to you, no one else will see it while it’s being streamed or after it has been uploaded. After the end of the stream, you can just delete the uploaded video, although others won’t see it anyway. 

Replay video streams on Facebook

You can rewatch the video before uploading it, which allows you to evaluate the video and choose what privacy settings you want to choose for the recording. This means that the video won’t be uploaded immediately after you finish streaming.

Furthermore, you can delete the video before it can be uploaded. This feature is useful in case there was a technical bug or you are just afraid someone will see the video before you can remove it.

Edit the live stream video recording

You can locally record the live video while you streaming and archive it. Then you can upgrade the quality. You can cut out bad moments, tech problems. 


Frequently asked questions about video streams on Facebook:

Why is my Facebook Live video not posting?

Facebook may not upload a video if you have a problem with your phone’s privacy settings or the file type or web browser is unsupported.

Can someone see if you watch an old Facebook live video?

Your Facebook friends won’t know you watching their old live videos unless you leave a comment, like, or share the file.

Do Facebook live videos get deleted?

No, Facebook automatically records and uploads live videos. Unless you yourself delete the video (making it impossible to get the video back if you didn’t record it while streaming) it won’t be deleted.