This information is for people who are new to Facebook page promotion. A very common question:

What is the difference between Facebook followers, page likes and fans?

In fact, it is simple.

  • Followers and fans on Facebook are the same thing. Followers on Facebook are linked not only to pages, but also to personal profiles. That is why Facebook introduced concept of fans, although only numbers of page likes and followers are indicated on pages.
  • Page likes is the number of users who liked your page. In this case, each user automatically becomes your follower and your posts are going to be published on his/her news feed.
  • Also, you have probably noticed that sometimes numbers of page likes and followers differ from each other. It is because a person can simply subscribe (become a follower) without rating the page (by like). In this case your number of Facebook page followers becomes larger than the number of page likes. But there is an opposite option, when a user liked your page (automatically becoming a follower), and then decided to unsubscribe from the news of your page. That is s/he is removed from the number of followers, but the number of page likes remains the same.

    Concerning the importance of one or the other, both indicators are important, because if your page has 1000 likes and only 500 followers, means that your content does not appeal to half of the users anymore and they do not want to see it in their feed.

    Due to the latest Facebook updates, it is not possible to increase number of followers using bots, therefore unfair sellers boost the page likes indicator only.

    By choosing FBskip you will get both indicators as Facebook page likes and followers, since we use only proven and white methods, which increase ranking of the page with absolute security for your account.

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