What is the difference between Facebook followers, page likes and fans?

This is a question we get very often from people who are new to Facebook promotion. The distinction is very simple.

Facebook followers and fans are very similar. The only difference is that fans are people who have subscribed to updates from a Facebook page, while followers are people who have agreed to see updated from personal profiles. If you’re promoting a personal Facebook profile, you need to buy followers, but if you have a business page, you will need to buy fans.

So the distinction between fans and followers is clear, but what are Facebook page likes? A page like is left when a user manually “likes” your Facebook page. When somebody likes a page, they automatically become a fan of the page as well and start seeing updates from the page in their feed. The number of fans and page likes can often be different. This is because a person who likes the page can manually unfollow it without removing the page like. Alternatively, the person can subscribe to your page’s updates without liking it, which increases the number of fans but not the number of page likes.

Most other Facebook promotion companies only sell Facebook page likes because it’s impossible to increase the number of fans using bots. But when you buy Facebook likes from FBskip, you get both page likes and fans for the same price. This is because our paid users like every page manually, which automatically subscribes them to your updates.

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