What are our order fulfillment guarantees when you buy Facebook likes?

A large percentage of our new customers wonder what guarantees we can give on our services. Of course, in the modern world, there are a lot of dishonest companies and people, but you can be absolutely sure of the safety reliability of our service when you buy Facebook likes, fans and followers from FBskip.

First of all, we use the PayPal payment system to accept payments and, according to their internal policy, they provide protection for both sellers and buyers. This protection works as follows. In the case when a service (likes, subscribers, etc.) is not received, the client logs into his/her PayPal account, finds in the history of transactions the one for which service conditions were not met, clicks “open dispute” and writes that the service was not delivered. Then, PayPal automatically deducts the transaction amount from the seller’s account until the dispute is resolved.

After that, the seller has the right to perform the following actions:

Reimburse the transaction amount to the client and close the dispute.
Fulfill conditions of the order, ask the client to confirm that the issue has been resolved and close the dispute.
Provide evidence that the service has actually already been provided.
In our practice, we sometimes see cases when the client opens a dispute and we approach these cases with full responsibility. Sometimes, an order can be left unfulfilled due to a system failure, in which case simply restarting our system resolves the issue. If, for any reason, we cannot fulfill our obligations, we will immediately reimburse the client. Also, sometimes the customer makes a mistake when counting the number of followers, page likes, fans etc.

In order to avoid any disagreements and make sure that PayPal can legitimately check whether the client’s claim is valid or not, we use the following policy. When the client places an order, we take a screenshot of the client’s page where the number of subscribers and likes she/he has at the time is visible. We send this screenshot to the client’s e-mail along with the details and terms of the order he/she placed and start fulfilling the order. As you can see, with these simple procedures both the client and the seller are protected from fraud attempts.

Lastly, our company has been operating in the SMM market for over 5 years, which is easy to check by looking at the domain registration date. It would be impossible for a fraudulent business to work that long in a competitive market. We wish you a safe and highly productive shopping experience on our website!

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