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When to post on Facebook? Find out the best days and times to post on Facebook in this article.

Just a few years ago, determining the best time to post was easy – everyone who knew that posting time mattered added new posts to Facebook during lunchtime or in the evening just before people went to bed because those seemed to be the times when people used Facebook the most. Today, the logic behind figuring out the best Facebook posting time remains the same – you need to determine the time when the largest percent of your audience is online. However, the process is different – following general posting time guidelines is no longer good enough. To get the best results, you need to figure out when the best time to post on Facebook based on the activity of YOUR followers.

Best days to post on Facebook

After Facebook made major changes to its algorithm, many companies and organizations did their own research to determine the best times and days to post. Research has shown that on average, Monday and Thursday seem to be the best days to post for B2B companies, while Tuesday is better for B2C businesses. As for the best time of day to post on Facebook, regular business hours and especially the first part of the day were best for B2B businesses, while lunchtime hours were best for B2C companies.

How to determine the best time to post on Facebook for your audience?

As we’ve already mentioned above, the best time to post on Facebook for your page is the time when the largest percentage of your followers are online and ready to engage with content. There are a few methods you can use to determine the best times and days to post.

First, you can use Facebook Analytics. This service allows you to view when your followers are most active on Facebook as well as view engagement information on your past posts. You can use this information to check how well different types of posts created on different days and at different times did with your followers. You might notice a correlation – for instance, posts that went live in the evening or in the early morning got the most likes and comments. This would mean that those are the best posting times for your page.

Another method you can use is called A/B testing. If you post the same content at different times and on different days and track how much engagement it gets, you will be able to narrow down the best times to post. You can use a post scheduling tool to make tests like this simpler.

Finally, you can try analyzing what your competitors are doing and when they are choosing to post their content. Take into account how well posts published during different times by your competitors have performed to get ideas for which posting times might be the best for you. You can also go with a different strategy and publish your posts when your followers are online but your competitors aren’t posting to avoid unnecessary competition.

Frequently asked questions about top Facebook posting times

Is Facebook posting frequency important?

Yes, how frequently you post on Facebook can sometimes be even more important than when you do it. Consistently putting out posts a few times a week shows the Facebook algorithm that you’re serious about building your presence on the platform and it allows your followers to see updates from you without being overwhelmed by the number of posts.

Why does Facebook posting time matter so much?

As you might already know, the amount of engagement you get on Facebook matters a lot. If your post gets lots of likes and comments shortly after it’s posted, the platform’s algorithm will then show this post to more people compared to a post that doesn’t get a lot of engagement right away. This is why it’s crucial to post at times when people are most likely to engage with your content.

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