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How often does this happen to you: you take a gorgeous photo, edit it to perfection, compose a witty caption and post the photo only to realize a few days later that the photo hasn’t received even close to the number of likes you were hoping for? If you are like most people on Instagram, this is probably a regular occurrence for you. Luckily, you don’t need to feel frustrated anymore. With FBskip, your posts can have as many likes as you want.

FBskip’s paid Instagram promotion services

FBskip is a leading provider of paid Instagram promotion services. On our website, you can purchase as many real Instagram likes, followers, comments and views as you want. All of these will be delivered straight to your account by our team. To prevent your Instagram account from being punished for buying likes and followers by the platform’s algorithms, we deliver all the social signals manually. This makes our paid likes and followers identical to those you gain organically.

Start by buying 15 Instagram likes

Our FBskip team realizes how scary it can be to purchase Instagram likes for the first time: it’s difficult to choose a seller from dozens of companies, you can’t be sure of the service quality, etc. This is why we’ve created the perfect small Instagram like package to let you get acquainted with our service before you purchase a larger package of likes. On this page, you can buy just 15 likes for a few dollars and experience the high quality of our service firsthand.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly will you deliver likes to my post?

Like delivery speed depends on the type and number of likes you choose to buy. In most cases, it will take our team up to a few hours to process your order and after that likes will be delivered to your post at the speed of several hundred likes an hour. If you buy just 15 likes, they will appear in your profile within one hour after your order has been processed.

Can I buy multiple like packages for the same post?

Yes, you can purchase as many packages as you want for one post. However, the price of each like decreases as package size increases, so you can save a lot of money by purchasing one large package of likes instead of several smaller ones.

How long will paid Instagram likes remain in my account?

FBskip provides a lifetime guarantee on all its services, including likes, followers and comments. This means that the likes you purchase from us will remain in your profile forever.

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