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If you’re just starting to promote your business page on Facebook, it’s easy to get discouraged and disappointed very quickly. You start out with big hopes and dreams of Facebook success and lots of new customers that will find you on the platform, put in tons of time, money and effort into creating high-quality content for your followers but people are just not liking your posts or page. So what can you do when it seems like no matter what you do, the number of likes on your Facebook page or posts is simply not increasing? The answer is very simple – just buy Facebook likes!

Why should I buy likes from FBskip?

You’ve probably heard scary stories about people who bought Facebook likes and ended up regretting it because likes left by bots and software can only hurt your page. FBskip, on the other hand, sells only authentic, real likes on Facebook. This means that each like comes from a real profile and is left manually on your post or page by the owner of that profile. Our likes can have a huge positive impact on your profile, so why not try them now?

Types of Facebook likes

There are two main types of Facebook likes that you can buy on FBskip: Facebook page likes and post likes. When you buy 50 Facebook page likes, you also get 50 Facebook fans for free since all the likes are deposited manually. There are several options you can choose from when buying page likes: you can buy Facebook page likes from worldwide users, USA users or page likes from people located in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

As for Facebook post likes, there are also several options to choose from: cheap post likes, which means you get the best price and the fastest delivery of your likes, regular post likes from users with mostly English names and real US post likes, which offers the highest quality.

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