5 things you didn’t know about Facebook ad design

Designing a successful Facebook ad can be tricky, there’s no doubt about it. Gone are the days where you could just write up some copy, add a pretty picture and run your ad. Today, creating a great ad for social media is almost a science in and of itself. Below, you will find 5 easy tips on Facebook ad design that will help set you apart from the competition.

Each successful Facebook ad needs two components

To achieve success in Facebook marketing, each ad you create should have two components that work together perfectly: precise targeting and high-quality creative components, which include the text of the ad and the media in it. You should always remember that different creative content will work for different parts of your audience, so create separate ads that target these varying groups of people.

Test different ad designs every time

Facebook marketing is unpredictable: no matter how much experience you have, how much research you’ve done about your audience or how many ads you’ve run, you never know how a certain ad will perform. Sometimes, even the tiniest, silliest thing can change the destiny of your entire campaign. This is why you should always come up with a few different ad designs, for instance, two different images and two versions of copy, and run A/B testing to determine which one performs better.

Use social proof in ads

Whenever somebody considers whether or not they should purchase something, there’s one emotion that has a much greater effect than others: fear. It is well-known to both psychologists and marketers alike that fear and risk aversion are the driving force that makes people put their credit cards back in their wallets. To minimize the fear of wasting money on a bad purchase, savvy marketers use social proof, such as testimonials, reviews, etc. to show the customer that others have made the purchase and loved it.

Use calls-to-action to drive results

Did you know that having a call-to-action in a Facebook ad can give a significant boost to your CTR and conversion rates? You don’t want to miss out on those results, which is why putting a call-to-action in each social media ad you run is crucial. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to include a clickable Facebook button in the ad for even better results.

Find images that capture the attention

Facebook news feeds have gotten notoriously crowded, which means that today, it takes a lot more for your ad to be noticed than just a few years ago. But you can easily beat the odds and your competition if you use the right pictures in your ads. Choose clean-cut, professional, polished shots with contrasting colors to make your audience stop scrolling.

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