Facebook restricted list: everything you need to know

How to unrestrict someone on Facebook? How to add someone to the Facebook restricted list? Find the answers to all your questions here.

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How to unrestrict someone on Facebook? How to add someone to the Facebook restricted list? Find the answers to all your questions here.

What is the Facebook restricted list?

The Facebook restricted list is a Facebook feature that allows you to hide some of your personal information and posts from certain users. People on your restricted list will only be able to see public posts and information in your profile, as well as private posts where the restricted user is tagged. People in your restricted list won’t know you’ve restricted them and you will continue being able to see their posts and information as usual.

How to restrict someone on Facebook?

Adding a Facebook friend to the restricted list is very simple. First of all, you need to open the Facebook app on your smartphone or go to their website on your computer and sign in to your profile. Next, find the friend you’d like to restrict and open his or her profile. Locate the button that says ‘Friends’ and tap it. You’ll see a menu come up. In the menu, you’ll see an option that says ‘Add to another list’ or ‘Edit friend list’. Tap this option. After this, you’ll see a number of lists show up – scroll down to find ‘Restricted’ and tap it to add your friend to this list. Once you do this, they won’t be able to see your private posts and info.

How do I unrestrict someone on Facebook?

The process of removing someone from the restricted list on Facebook is almost exactly the same as that of restricting a user. Open the Facebook app or website, open the profile of the friend you’ve restricted and press the ‘Friends’ button. Next, select ‘Add to another list’ or ‘Edit friend list’, find the ‘Restricted’ list and tap the checkmark next to it to unrestrict the user.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook’s restricted list

Can people know when I add or remove them from the restricted list?

No, your friends won’t be notified if you restrict or unrestrict them on Facebook, but they might figure it out if you have mutual friends whom you haven’t restricted and they mention one of your friends-only posts to the restricted person.

How to determine if a post is public on Facebook?

To determine if your post is public, locate the post in question and examine the area next to the date and time when it was posted. If you see a globe icon, then the post is public, if there’s an icon that resembles two people, then it’s a friends-only post. You can change the privacy setting on any post in the ellipsis menu.

Why do I need Facebook’s restricted list?

Restricting someone on Facebook can be very convenient if you want to post something that you’re not comfortable sharing will all your Facebook friends. For instance, if you want to post pictures from a party where you’re drinking and you don’t want your boss or parents to see them, you can simply restrict those users and post away!

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