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Get more followers or friends on Facebook

Did you know that an average Facebook user has around 338 friends, while a Facebook page for a small business has about 250 to 5,000 followers on average? How does your personal profile or business page compare? If you want to reach or even exceed these average numbers, there’s a surprisingly simple way to do it and it’s to purchase Facebook friends or followers from FBskip.

Advantages of buying followers or friends on Facebook

Getting paid Facebook followers can be either very effective or harmful for your profile depending on the service provider you choose. Buying FB followers from FBskip guarantees that you get the best result for your page or profile. Our biggest advantage unmatched by other services is that we use only 100% real accounts to add followers to your page. This means that each profile is created manually by a person who chooses a real-sounding name, uploads profile pictures, creates posts and fills out personal information in a profile. Once you place your order, our team member will open your profile manually and press the ‘Follow’ or ‘Add friend’ button. This manual process ensures that each follower purchased from us looks indistinguishable from organic followers both for Facebook and for other users.

Other advantages of FBskip’s service include quick order fulfillment, easy ordering and payment process and 24/7 customer support with real people who can help solve your issues and guide you through the process of buying followers at any time of day and night. Additionally, we offer complete privacy – you don’t need to give us your Facebook password, real name, location and even banking details to place an order, you can remain anonymous. Finally, we have a lifetime no-drop guarantee on all orders, which means that if some of the followers you bought from us disappear from your profile at any point in time, we will replenish them free of charge to the original number.

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