How does Facebook Marketplace work? Find out here!

Find out all the tricks to using Facebook Marketplace for business. Start selling on Facebook Marketplace today.

When someone talks about Facebook Marketplace, most people immediately think of a garage sale that’s happening on the internet instead of a front yard. Just a few years ago, this was quite true but today, Facebook Marketplace is a powerful platform with over 800 million monthly users all over the world. Listing your products on the Marketplace can help give a powerful boost to your business. And the best part of this platform is that users there are ready and eager to make a purchase now.

How does Facebook marketplace work?

Facebook Marketplace is a peer-to-peer network where people can sell services, new and used items to each other. You don’t need to have a special profile to sell on the Marketplace – anyone can do it. Whenever a user wants to make a purchase on the Marketplace, it’s done through direct messages in the Messenger. As a seller on the Marketplace, you can choose a payment processing system like BigCommerce or Shopify to handle payment from clients.

How to start selling on Facebook Marketplace?

To begin selling on the Marketplace, open your personal or business account and tap on the Marketplace icon in the menu on the left-hand side. Next, tap the + Sell Something icon in the menu on the left and choose what type of product you’re selling. This can be a vehicle, a home for rent or an item for sale. Next, fill in information about your listing. Make sure to include the category that the item falls into, the name of the item, its description, price and pick up location. You can also include up to 10 photos in your listing. Once you enter all the information, press Next and tap Post to publish the listing.

When you post your first Marketplace listing, Facebook will automatically create a Marketplace profile for you and all the future listings will appear as part of your Store. You can browse your store by going to the Shop tab from your business page on Facebook.

Since you want your store to perform well on the platform, it’s best to try to earn a badge from Facebook. You can get a Very Responsive Badge for replying quickly to messages from potential customers. Another badge you can get is the Community Recommended Badge, which is given to sellers who get high ratings on the Marketplace.

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