How to bulk delete Instagram posts from your account?

Why do I need to delete Instagram photos?

It may be surprising but there are tons of reasons why people decide to delete their Instagram photos in bulk. For example, if you decide to become an influencer and dedicate your account only to one or two topics, you may want to delete all the other old posts from your profile to keep it looking professional and coherent. Alternatively, you might want to develop a new aesthetic in your Instagram profile and your old photos might not fit into the new theme, in which case you need to either archive them or delete them. Finally, you simply might no longer be comfortable with old pictures in your profile – either because you’re so much better at taking Instagram pics, your appearance has changed or your life took a dramatic turn.

How to delete several Instagram photos at once?

Regrettably, Instagram still doesn’t offer its users a way to delete profile posts in bulk – you have to remove photos one-by-one or delete your Instagram account altogether. On the bright side, there are several third-party apps that allow you to remove multiple or all posts from Instagram in one tap. These apps include Cleaner for Ins, Instant Cleaner and InstaClean. The instructions for bulk deleting your Instagram photos are different for each of these apps, so make sure you check their websites after downloading the apps.

How to remove photos from Instagram?

If the number of photos you want to delete is not too large, you can remove posts one-by-one on the Instagram app. To do this, open the Instagram app on your phone, go to your profile using the menu at the bottom and tap the image you’d like to delete. Press the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Delete. This action will permanently remove the image from your Instagram profile.

How do I hide Instagram posts without deleting them?

If you simply want to hide some of your Instagram posts instead of deleting them forever, you can do this using the archive feature of the app. When you archive an Instagram post it disappears from your profile until you unarchive it. This way you can remove any post from your Instagram feed for an unlimited amount of time but it won’t be gone forever and you can bring it back at any time. If you unarchive a post, it will come back with all the original likes and comments.

Frequently asked questions about bulk deleting posts on Instagram

How many posts can I archive on Instagram?

You can archive as many posts as you want! Even if there are hundreds or thousands of posts you’d like to hide from your Instagram account, nothing is stopping you from archiving them all.

Is it possible to erase several Instagram posts at the same time?

Yes, you can delete several or even all Instagram posts at the same time but it’s only possible to do this using specialized third-party apps.

How can I get a cleaner app for Instagram?

There are dozens of cleaner apps for Instagram that are available for you to download. Simply visit the App Store on your iPhone or the Play Store on your Android phone, search for the cleaner app you’ve decided to get and download it to your phone.

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