How to use Instagram to promote my referral program?

Referral programs have a terrific business model but there’s one thing that presents difficulties and it’s promotion. How do you advertise your referral program to get more customers and get more money? We have one answer for you – Instagram! This social media platform is a terrific tool that allows you to promote your affiliate program without spending tons of money. Here are the best ways to promote your referral program on Instagram:

Put a link in your Instagram bio

As you might already know, Instagram allows you to have only one clickable link in your entire profile and it must be positioned in your bio. Therefore, you should always keep a link to your referral program in your bio so that your followers can actually use the link. Alternatively, if there are many pages and websites you’d like to link, you can use services like Linktr to create a one-page menu with all the links and then put a link to that menu in your bio.

Tell your followers about the referral program

Whether you’re a business owner running a referral program in your company or an Instagram user who is an affiliate of one or several brands, you should make sure that you announce all the details about the referral program in at least one post on Instagram. It’s also a great idea to remind your followers about the referral or affiliate program every now and again either through posts or stories.

Use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature in stories to promote your referral program
If your profile has more than 10,000 followers, you can promote your affiliate program in stories using the Swipe Up feature. With this feature, users can swipe up your story to reveal a web page with all the relevant information about your affiliate program. This way interested followers can find additional information right away without leaving the app or needing to go to your profile.

Give your referral program a sense of urgency

There’s nothing that helps you sell products better than limited-time offers. Giving a sense of urgency to an offer makes people a lot more likely to take action and make the purchase – after all, humans suffer from a huge fear of missing out. Offering a limited-time deal related to your referral program capitalizes on that fear.

Frequently asked questions about referral program promotion on Instagram

Are giveaways a good Instagram promotion strategy?

Even though you shouldn’t expect to keep all the new followers, customers or newsletter subscriptions you’ve gained as a result of a giveaway, it is still a terrific tool that can help you attract attention to your referral program and gain new affiliates.

Is it better to advertise with small or large influencers?

In the past, brands aimed to place advertisements with the largest influencers they could find. However, today, the situation has changed and companies aim to advertise with small, niche influencers who have engaged audiences that are much more likely to take action after seeing an advertisement.

Do Instagram ads work?

Yes, although Instagram ads can be quite expensive, they can also work extremely well to help you achieve your business goals, including promoting your referral program. There’s only one caveat though – to use Instagram ads you either need to learn how to set them up, which can be complicated, or hire someone to do it for you.

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