How can Facebook business page likes help you earn more money?

The most popular and working methods of making money by buying likes, contests and advertising for business pages and groups

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Nowadays, it would be difficult to find a person that doesn’t understand the importance of having a robust Facebook presence for a company.

In fact, many people even run their entire businesses on Facebook or Instagram without having a website or a brick-and-mortar store. Even Fortune 500 companies dedicate significant time and resources to craft their social media presence.

If you are looking to launch or expand your business on Facebook, you first need to decide whether to create a Facebook business page or a group for your company. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two options, help you choose the right one for your business and explain how buying likes and followers from FBskip help your business explode.

Facebook groups vs business pages

Facebook business pages are similar to Facebook profiles but they are created not by a single individual for themselves, but by a representative of a company or organization for that entity. All the information listed on business pages is public and can be seen by everyone else on Facebook and even found through search engines.

Facebook groups, on the other hand, have a lot more privacy options. The owner of the group can make the group public, allowing everyone to join, somewhat private, in which case people will need to send a request to join the group, and even completely private, where the group won’t show up in search results.

If you’re going to use Facebook to promote your business and expand your reach, a business page is a much better choice than a group. When you have a business page on Facebook, you can:

  • Create tabs with goods and services directly on the page;
  • Connect widgets to the main site or blog;
  • Integrate the page with different applications;
  • Get detailed statistics about page growth;
  • Promote the business page on Facebook.

How to create a business page on Facebook?

The level of success and popularity your Facebook page can reach has a lot to do with the way the page is set up. The page’s category, name and settings have a lot of influence over how easy it will be to promote the page later.

For instance, there are 6 business page categories on Facebook. You should avoid choosing the Common Idea or Community category because when the page reaches a certain number of followers, it will no longer belong to you. Instead, you should choose the Brand or Product category if your objective is to promote a company, organization or product. Selecting this category will give you an opportunity to configure targeting parameters on the page to attract people who will be interested in the page.

You should also choose a creative and memorable name for the page without any common words in it. Next, fill out the information about the business with as much detail as possible to help the page appear more trustworthy.

Advertising your Facebook business page

Contextual advertising is one of the most common methods of Facebook promotion. It can bring in a lot of interested users very quickly but this method has a number of disadvantages. For example, it is quite expensive and requires a significant level of knowledge and skill to set up the ad campaign targeting correctly. Plus, Facebook ad campaigns only give results while they run – once you stop paying for ads the traffic will disappear.

Buy Facebook likes and followers from FBskip

Another incredibly effective and affordable Facebook promotion method is to buy Facebook likes, comments and fans from a reputable company, such as FBskip. We don’t use bots or software to give you page likes. Instead, real people will manually like your posts and follow your profile, boosting your organic growth, improving reputation and attracting lots of new, real customers in the process. Here is a list of all the social signals you can buy from us for your Facebook page:

  • Page likes;
  • Shares;
  • Comments (positive and negative);
  • Followers and fans;
  • Friends requests;
  • Post and photo likes;
  • Video views;
  • 5-star rating

And the best part is that the result from our promotion campaigns lasts a long time – with our professionally planned campaigns your page will keep attracting new customers for months and even years after the order is completed and you will never need to worry about getting banned or punished by Facebook.

Facebook contests and giveaways

Another method to boost your Facebook growth is to conduct various contests and giveaways for your fans. This can be very effective, as users will readily share your posts with friends in hopes of winning the prize.

In order to get the most out of your Facebook business page, you need to constantly promote and update your page, collect feedback from the audience, answer questions from customers and resolve issues with buyers. But in return, you will get a significant boost in the number of orders, improve brand awareness and reputation.

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