5 best places to find free stock photos for Facebook

Today, internet marketing is all about the visual – you have to create the perfect picture if you want your products or services to sell well. But not every brand or company has the resources and opportunity to create hundreds of high-quality images for posts, advertising and other purposes. Thankfully, stock photos present an easy and elegant solution to the issue of obtaining images for your Facebook ads and posts. Below, you will find 5 amazing websites that have hundreds of stock photos you can use for advertising on Facebook and other social media.

Google Images

Google Images is one of the most popular places to find photos for personal use, social media posts, ad campaigns and other purposes. However, while the selection of images on the platform is huge, not all of them are suitable for commercial use. To ensure that you don’t waste your time sifting through images that can’t be used anyway, click on Usage Rights in the menu above the pictures and select Labeled for Reuse.

New Old Stock

If you’re looking for retro images that don’t have any copyright restrictions, then New Old Stock is the perfect place to check out. This website houses a collection of thousands of old images that are in the public domain. You can choose from colored or black and white photographs depicting a variety of subjects.


Unsplash is another excellent website where all the images can be used for free for any purpose. This means that whether you’re sharing a photo from the site with your friend or adding images to your website, you won’t get yourself into legal trouble. The selection of images on this site is huge and all the pictures stunning and professional-looking.


If you don’t want to filter images and worry about whether or not the image you like can be used commercially, then check out Gratisography. On this terrific website, all images are free for use without a license, which means you don’t need to worry about copyright violations. Gratisography is full of stock images that picture a variety of subjects.


If you’re having trouble finding a suitable image for your website or marketing campaign on the first four websites in our list, then check out Freeimages. This website features a staggering number of photos – over 400,000 photos from the site can be browsed, downloaded and used for free without a membership. And if you want even more, sign up for the paid Freeimages membership and get access to almost 2.5 million images that have been cleared for commercial use.

Frequently asked questions about the best stock photo sites for Facebook ads

Can I use any photo in a Facebook ad?

No, not every photo is suitable for use in Facebook ads. If you’re using a stock image in your ad, you need to purchase a commercial use license for it or make sure that the image is available for commercial use free of payment.

Are stock photos free?

The price of a stock photo depends on the photo itself (some are free while others are paid) and on your intentions with the photo. For instance, a personal use license is usually cheaper than a commercial one.

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