5 easy tips for using memes in your Facebook ads

It’s hard to imagine the internet without memes – they are funny, relevant and they help take your mind off things. But did you know that you can also use memes as part of your social media marketing strategy? Memes are actually a terrific advertising and PR tool as long as they are used well. The last thing you want is offending your audience or causing a negative reaction with the meme. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you incorporate memes into your social media strategy successfully.

Consider your audience’s attitude to memes

For better or for worse, memes are not suitable for every brand out there, it all depends on your audience. For example, if your target audience is millennials, then memes in your social media posts and ads will probably hit just the right spot. On the other hand, memes may not resonate so well with an older audience or customers who strive for sophistication in everything they do.

Pay attention to the tone when posting memes on Facebook

Using the right tone is crucial when it comes to social media. Before adding memes to your posts, consider the tone your company usually uses on social media. If the rest of your posts are casual and conversational in nature, then memes will be easier to incorporate. But if the tone is more professional or refined, meme incorporation will require more thought and planning.

Choose memes that are easy to understand

The beauty of memes is that everyone can relate, so there’s no point in using cryptic or confusing memes – they will only distance you from your audience. At the same time, you should pay attention to the topics you touch on in your memes. It goes without saying that controversial subjects should be kept out of memes on company social media – just keep things lighthearted and fun.

Always test memes before posting

Have you ever read about a social media blunder made by a large company and wondered how nobody caught the issue before it went out to the world? To avoid finding yourself in the same situation, test out the memes you’re planning on posting on a limited audience, such as your team, friends, etc.

Frequently asked questions about using memes on Facebook

Why should I use memes on company social media accounts?

People love seeing and using memes because they are incredibly relatable – they are the embodiment of pop culture which defines the very moment we as a society live in. Using memes on social media helps you connect with your customers and make your brand more relatable in their eyes.

Are there copyrights on memes?

Some images used in memes have copyrights associated with them while others don’t. To avoid running into copyright disputes, always check the rights on images you’re planning on using. If you’re planning to use a meme as part of a marketing campaign that exposes you to a lot of customers, it might be a good idea to license the image.

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