Top 5 apps for promoting your Instagram account


If you’re serious about promoting your Instagram account, then the Iconosquare app is a great choice for you. This app provides tons of Instagram analytics for you to consider when adjusting your Instagram strategy, as well as other useful features that let you keep track of comments, users who unfollowed you, messages from followers, etc. This app is free, so you can use it no matter how large your budget is.


If you’re looking for an affordable app that will help you create beautiful graphics and embellish the images you post on Instagram, then Over is the right choice. This app features a variety of fonts and colors and that be overlaid with your images. Additionally, this 4-dollar app lets you upload your own custom fonts.


SproutSocial is a social media management platform that’s similar to Hootsuite. The app lets you create a content plan and calendar, combine all your social media notifications in one inbox, view and analyze the performance of all your posts, etc.

Plus, you can schedule and publish posts automatically using this app and manage up to 10 social media profiles in one account. SproutSocial plans start at $99 per month.


It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t at least heard of VSCO but this app is so terrific that it’s definitely worth mentioning here. This app is full of gorgeous Instagram filters and presets that allow you to create an Instagram profile in one style, embellish your photos without changing them completely and generally help you run your Instagram account like a pro.

Frequently asked questions about apps for Instagram

Does Instagram allow you to log into your Instagram account using other apps?

Yes, as of 2020 Instagram still allows you to use countless third-party apps to get the most out of your Instagram account. For example, to use an app that analyzes who started or stopped following you on Instagram you need to first enter your Instagram login and password to log into the app and then the app will be able to analyze follower activity in your profile.

Can you use third-party apps to post on Instagram?

Yes! Many brands and influencers decide to use third-party apps to post on Instagram. This is often done to schedule posts to go out automatically at a certain time, to improve the reporting of statistics on posts, etc.

Are there third-party apps that provide Instagram analytics?

Yes, there are dozens of apps that analyze your Instagram statistics and provide detailed information about the performance of your posts, follower activity, performance of your ad campaigns, etc. Many of these apps provide a lot more information than the Instagram app itself, which is why marketers and Instagram influencers use them to get full information about their Instagram ad campaigns and profile performance.

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