Why is my post not getting likes?

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook is the king – everybody is on Facebook from teenagers to grandparents, which means that if you want your business to be successful, you need to build a robust Facebook presence and create posts that will get likes and comments.

The latter has become increasingly more difficult over the years as Facebook’s algorithms have gotten more strict and the number of users who post similar content grew. If you’re noticing that your posts are not getting as many likes as they used to, here are some reasons why this may be happening:

You’re posting too often

A lot of people try to grow their Facebook page too quickly, which leads to them posting too frequently. This may sound like a good thing but it actually has an opposite effect since Facebook will show only a few of your posts to your fans and followers. If just a fraction of your fans sees the post, you will get only a handful of likes. So next time you’re planning your Facebook content, focus on quality, not quantity.

Your Facebook posts are not inspiring or creative enough

Did you know that the average Facebook user only spends a few seconds on each post in his or her timeline before scrolling down? This means you have an incredibly small amount of time to capture the attention of your audience. If your posts are not creative, unusual, inspiring or surprising in any way, they won’t get your followers’ attention, which means you won’t get any likes or comments. To change the situation, take time to think about the topic of your post, write an engaging and informative text and choose a beautiful, professionally edited photo to go along with it.

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You’re not engaging with your audience

Every good Facebook marketer knows that posts that include a call to action get a lot more likes, comments and shares than posts that don’t. If you don’t ask questions or invite your followers to do something in your posts, you’re a lot less likely to get a like or comment in return. Try including CTAs in at least 30% of your posts and remember to always reply to the comments your followers leave on your posts. Giveaways and discounts are also a great way to get likes on a Facebook post.

How to get likes on Facebook posts?

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